“It took a pandemic, but they may get their wish.”

Speaking of today’s virtual meeting, SI.com’s Ross Dellenger has some information on where the SEC may be at with regard to its scheduling format for this season:

The SEC is moving closer to an agreement on a conference-only schedule of 10 games, multiple sources told Sports Illustrated. During a virtual meeting on Wednesday, a majority of athletic directors approved the idea of an SEC-only, 10-game schedule. However, the schedule must be ratified by league presidents. SEC presidents are expected to meet virtually Thursday to seriously discuss the matter. It is unclear if they will vote then or delay a decision until next week. The NCAA Board of Governors is scheduled to meet Tuesday in what could be a momentous event for the 2020–21 college athletic season. Officials there could postpone or cancel fall championships, eliminating year-ending championships for sports such as FCS football, volleyball and soccer, or moving those to the spring…

A conference-only schedule, however, has emerged as a potential best option, even though all league administrators are not necessarily in agreement. A conference-only slate allows for flexibility and for all games to feature a uniform testing protocol. The number of games, 10, is seen by many in college football as a potential minimum requirement to compete in the College Football Playoff this year, though that number is likely to fluctuate according to the impacts of the virus.

That would, of course, wipe out the cross-conference rivalry games that several SEC East teams play, not to mention a slew of guarantee cupcake games.

Sankey’s response to the story isn’t exactly the strongest of denials.

Screenshot_2020-07-30 Dave Matter on Twitter Statement from SEC commissioner Greg Sankey “It is not appropriate to respond [...]

Between this and the ACC’s move yesterday, it looks like we’re moving into the “every conference for itself” phase of the 2020 preseason.  Good times.


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4 responses to ““It took a pandemic, but they may get their wish.”

  1. W Cobb Dawg

    A 10 game conference schedule would really separate the men from the boys. Schools can’t massage their schedules with patsies. The Pit boss could be looking at an 0-10 debut season. Maybe Kiffin should’ve stayed in south Florida. And it might be the final nail in the coffin for Mason (for lack of a better term).


  2. jt10mc (the other one)

    As I understand things…we will still play Yech as they are an “in-state” team and the ACC allows for it…


    • The Dawg abides

      From the ACC side, yes the game is still doable for tech. But if the SEC decides on a 10 game, conference only schedule, then we would have to go rouge to play them. That’s probably going to be a sticking point with the SEC presidents. Only UGA, UF, USCjr, and Kentucky play out of conference yearly rivalry games, so the presidents of these schools will be in the minority in arguing to keep them on the schedule.
      The ACC seems to have accommodated the teams on their side of the rivalries, but if they want to try to get the the remaining 10 SEC teams to match up with ACC teams, they shouldn’t have mandated the games be played in-State.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        No worries, Greg Mediocrity will DEMAND the gtu game is played!

        And when all the other school reps stop laughing, we’ll be lucky to keep our home game against aubie.