Can Monken’s past tell us anything about Monken’s future?

So, I watched this clip yesterday:

I couldn’t help but wonder what substituting Newman for Weeden and Pickens for Blackmon might look like.  (Yes, I know that Monken was the OC for only one of their seasons, but still…)

But the biggest thing I took away from it was how good Monken was at scheming OSU’s best receiver open on a bunch of those throws.  A blogger can dream, can’t he?


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13 responses to “Can Monken’s past tell us anything about Monken’s future?

  1. Reverend Whitewall

    Wait, you’re allowed to scheme guys open?

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  2. KingMackeral

    I literally starting laughing after the 3rd or 4th clip with the “Pistols firing!!” from the radio announcer.

    I may be d*** here, but that is lame.


  3. BeardDawg

    Hopefully, between scheming guys open and Newman’s ability to thread the needle, they can do some damage downfield.


  4. spur21

    Newman better than Weeden – YES
    Pickens equal to or better than Blackmon – YES
    Gonna be fun to watch.


  5. 123fakest

    Blackmon was a total bust in the NFL. What a waste of God given talent.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Weeden unloaded those passes fast. I think I only saw one clip (#32) where he took more than 2 steps. Several appeared to be zero steps – receive the snap and throw it.


  7. psyopdawg

    Only watched the first 20 plays but i feel like SEC coverage is leagues above what Weeden and Blackmon faced. In the clip, there were several passes (lobs) that SEC corners would have had an easy time defending. I only saw one throw over the middle too.

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  8. Will (the other one)

    A related thought I’m having: I’m OK getting Bama as game 1. Let Nicky keep guessing what the new offense is going to look like.


  9. UGA '97

    how can we shake off those gayturds who claim that Gundy called those plays, & not Monken.