TFW you’ve earned that victory lap

Screenshot_2020-07-31 Ross Dellenger on Twitter We can now all agree that it wasn't speculation Twitter



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8 responses to “TFW you’ve earned that victory lap

  1. Reverend Whitewall

    Really disappointed we don’t get a hate week this year, but I also know we were outnumbered on the issue.

    But man, I’m loving conference only or conference-heavy scheduling. I mentioned it here a while back, if all this forces the sport to regain some of its regional charm, even for a short period of time, that wouldn’t be the worst thing ever.

    Mandel made the point yesterday that if this season actually gets played, fans are gonna decide they like the extra conference/P5 games, and it’s gonna be hard for conferences to go back to 3-4 cupcakes a year. That’s an interesting point. I think that may depend on who you cheer for though. If you’re a fan of Vandy, Purdue, etc you may want your team to have those cupcakes so you have a better chance to go bowling.


    • Harold Miller

      What do you mean we don get a “Hate Week” this year. Are we not playing Auburn?

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      • Down Island Way

        Should the 2020 season (?) go the distance, “Hate Week” would be every week that UGA plays football this year….personally, the word hate doesn’t exist in my dictionary….utter disdain, severe dislike, a shit sandwich is to good for them, beat them beyond recognition and pissing on their 50 yard line is to good for them are just some of my feelings towards many of UGA’s opponents (no matter the sporting activity)


    • siskey

      I like the noon games against lesser teams. I can wake up Saturday morning go for a run, run errands, etc and even miss kickoff occasionally without fear that me being in front of the TV has / will mess up “our” luck. It’s a break from the stress associated with the bigger games.


  2. BuffaloSpringfield

    For What its Worth:
    Gave up on cupcakes back in the 50’s. Last time I had to run was Tet in Da Nang in 69. That was a matter of life then. I don’t mind 12:30 kickoffs, actually I am lucky just to see one. Just glad to be here.


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