“The association is brazen in its requests.”

I wouldn’t expect anything less than brazen from the NCAA as to NIL rights.

The governing body of college athletics is asking for lawmakers to grant it antitrust protection, preemption from differing state NIL laws and to allow it to craft all rules on athlete compensation.

And, a pony.

Hey, if you don’t ask…



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6 responses to ““The association is brazen in its requests.”

  1. Cousin Eddie

    If that don’t work next they are going to open NIL for athletes to get everything they can but the NCAA will impose a 110% tax.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Reaction 1: And they should get that exemption because they’re so good at everything else they do.
    Reaction 2: I hope they get the exemption and all the federal concern and suggestions that will inevitably go along with it.


  3. 80dawg

    And this is one of the important issues our government should spend time on RIGHT NOW???? NOT NOT NOT !!!!


  4. BuffaloSpringfield

    For a What it’s Worth:
    Really is the most important thing to discuss. Evidamndently it maters not which side of the aisle your on but who can I count on for your support in November. I don’t really feel that Congress or the House is concerned with anything much. Somewhat the selected few that UGA is choosing to attend games, patents for sure, Donors and some students if your on campus.I do hope there is a season…….. Over and Under…. starting and finishing. MLB tonight said with all the outbreaks within teams they should have a round robin of 8 teams. Much to my admonishment the Braves were included so just do away with conference games and pick 8 teams. Thinks of the commercials.


  5. WarD Eagle

    There comes a point where you can be fore amateurism and against some of the NCAA’s garbage. I think we’re probably there for most anyone.


    • WarD, great to hear from you. Hope you’re doing well.

      I’m against pure pay-for-play but for real NIL reform and other benefits for student-athletes that don’t involve an antitrust exemption for the National Corrupt Athletic Association. Is that your stance?