There’s a fine line between confidence and delusion.

And ULM’s athletic director is striding right up to that sucker.

Screenshot_2020-07-31 Steve Berkowitz on Twitter ULM was set for $3 15 million combined from Georgia and Arkansas It had $1[...]

As we like to say here at the blog, “productive” is doing a shit ton of heavy lifting there.  Good luck with that, Scott.  Hope you’ve got a good lawyer.


UPDATE:  There may be more than one way to skin that productive cat.

Have you had any initial talks with Virginia about getting them on for another year?

McGarity: “Well Carla (Williams) did call me yesterday after the ACC vote. I said, Carla we are not coming to Virginia, let’s just make sure that’s very clear, we are not coming up to Charlottesville to play as your plus-one. But no, Josh Brooks has reached out to East Tennessee State and ULM today, and we talked to them earlier, just asking them to be patient. Perhaps a future schedule, we just haven’t gone down that road yet to see if we have any openings. We’re kind of full. I haven’t gone down my schedule yet but we don’t have a lot of openings. So we’ll just have to let the legal experts work through that and see what flexibility we have, or if we have flexibility with Josh Lee and our schedules moving forward to maybe work that into the schedule.”

Or not.



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2 responses to “There’s a fine line between confidence and delusion.

  1. Ran A

    Force majeure dude Force majeure… They are not about to write you a check, when their own incomes are sure to come in at a loss.


  2. Down Island Way

    Money talk$…….