Today, in false bravado

I have two outstanding candidates for your consideration.  First, from the Flats…

Screenshot_2020-07-31 Kelly Quinlan on Twitter madmatt20022002 GTToddStansbury GT has won 2 of 3 in Sanford stadium and sho[...]

Screenshot_2020-07-31 Kelly Quinlan on Twitter WSLSpodcast Why are you ppl so obsessive about that It’s about money of havi[...]

Then, from your Daily Gator on meth, in response to McGarity’s rationale for playing Florida in Jacksonville this season

Screenshot_2020-07-31 MULLEN 🐐 on Twitter Kirby and them shaking Much different tone than Coach O “we’ll play in a pasture[...](1)

Lord, Kirby Smart ain’t perfect, but he must be doing something right.



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20 responses to “Today, in false bravado

  1. 81Dog

    “should’ve won more”….LOLOLOL

    A better argument could be made they were lucky to win any of the 3 they won. Woulda coulda should, nerds? They’re 0 for the 21st century in the Joke Near Coke, 1 (tainted) win since 1990. Its basically GTU signing up for an ass kicking in return for a payday when we take over the Joke.

    They can come to Athens in 2021, or they can play Gardner Webb at home. Pretty sure it isn’t the era where they can dictate to us any more. I don’t advocate dropping them, but if they drop themselves, piss off.

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  2. Ran A

    Dude just proves what we all know… That Georgia Tech “being so smart thing” is way over-rated. Some of the dumbest comments that have come out of a football fan’s mouth have come from Tech fans.


  3. siskey

    Quinlan knows his audience.


  4. The Dawg abides

    Wow. Fat, bald, and stupid. This Quinlan dude pulls off his he trifecta. No way to go through life son.

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  5. J.M.

    “Tech should have won more” in Athens? All three of their wins at Sanford this century have been complete miracles!

    Also, UGA hasn’t lost at Bobby Dodd Stadium since 1999 (the infamous Jasper Sanks game), and hasn’t lost there legitimately since 1989. Imagine thinking the Dawgs are scared of traveling there. Play it in Athens or Atlanta or on Mars — we’ll destroy them wherever we tee it up.


    • Let’s shut down 316 halfway between Athens and Atlanta for 3 hours and beat their nerdy little @$$3$ in the median for all I care. I’m pissed about this.

      My whole family is Georgia fans now (having 2 grads in the family helped that), but I broke the tie between my Dad and 1 sister (UGA) and my Mom and 1 sister (Tech). This game means almost as much to me as the Cocktail Party.

      The fact that we’re trading our rivalry game for a trip to Starkville REALLY ticks me off.


      • Otto

        Preach on.

        GT isn’t the biggest game for me but if it were called off I wanted it to be on their end not what e have just witnessed.

        My idea is that the other Georgia schools have a sort of playoff to play UGA. Ga State and Ga Southern should play to determine who gets GT and then the winner of that game gets to play UGA.


        • The 984

          Why should Southern and State play to see who faces Tech? At this point, Tech and State should play to see who faces Southern.


  6. Section 104

    I’m too lazy to look it up and analyze future schedules, but by switching the GT series “home/away” years, does that put a wrinkle in the number of home games we’d be playing in years moving forward? If so, it might be that we’d be better served to go ahead and play at BDS in 2021?


    • We need to keep the Tech game in Athens during even numbered years, so we avoid having our 3 SEC home game seasons coincide with Tech on the road. My guess is that we play them in the Benz next year (’21), split the revenue some way, and get back on the normal rotation in ’22.


  7. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Why did twitter give a talking scrotum a blue checkmark?


  8. 79Dawg

    Dude needs to cool down his hot taeks so they don’t burn all his hair off again…


  9. Otto

    How screwed up would it be if the state limits attendance in Sanford to less than the ticket allotment which UGA can fill in Jax and Jax allows the game to be played without restrictions?


  10. 123fakest

    Life was hard for a boy named…..Kelly.


  11. stoopnagle

    I… I… Y’all I don’t get what the techies are all twisted up about? They just dropped a game they were for sure going to lose, they just got an excuse for when we win 10 in a row so they can (*) it with the one blank year, and we certainly won’t be flipping the rotation. It’s a win for them all around and they are bitching about it?

    And down in Gainesville, let’s see how our position on Jax looks to them when they see what Bham has in store for that light schedule which just dropped rebuilding FSU, Eastern Washington, South Alabama, and New Mexico State.

    I will say this, I’m guessing Scott Strickland would have raised more objections if he knew they were getting Bama and a trip to Aggieland in return for going to FSU.


  12. jt10mc (the other one)

    Which is better?

    Gaturd tears or NERD Delusion?


  13. RC

    Cancel it. #FTMF