TFW you’re glad you can blame the rabbit’s foot

Shorter Roll Bama Roll:  Nick Saban cannot fail as a coach, he can only be failed as a coach.


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11 responses to “TFW you’re glad you can blame the rabbit’s foot

  1. aucarson

    The only thing better than beating the tide by 100 points is beating it by 1 point.

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  2. Russ

    Damn, reading that almost makes me like Auburn.


  3. 79Dawg

    Sorry, I stopped after the first couple of paragraphs when they got to “our margin of victory is bigger than yours….” That and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee at the grocery store while you shop…
    Feeling the need to do anything other than point to the all-time W-L record when you are 10 or so ahead is pretty pathetic. I know its tough when you are never supposed to lose, but just enjoy the Ws guys!


    • Will (the other one)

      Yep. The Braves outscored the Twins over the course of the 1991 World Series but one-run losses are still losses.
      Auburn rarely being really good two years in a row means Nicky gets to run up the score in revenge games too.

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      • Understanding the value of getting a W against the bammers and little nicky every now and again (shit man, i’ll take a W or two this year against the bammers)….just curious how much longer the check writer$ will continue to accept UGA plus lsu beating the barners on a regular basis, getting W’s against the Mississippi crowd can only get you so far


  4. siskey

    I can’t wait until Saban leaves and Bama has to try to duplicate what he has done with a new coach. I think it will be worse than when Bryant retired.


  5. Yurdle

    Volatility beats steady returns over the short run sometimes. That’s a fact. It may be a bad investment strategy but football ain’t a mutual fund, Josh.

    “I’m better” is a poor retort to “I won.”


  6. Spike

    Eyes glazing over..


  7. I don’t believe there is another fanbase out there that has such a huge inferiority complex despite their chosen team achieving a level of success in the last 13 years that will never be duplicated.



    I like it when AU beats em..I hope Bama enjoyed the Citrus BOWL last year..


  9. Anon

    Not a school in this country that wouldn’t sign him to a 10 year deal tomorrow. Including UGA.