The case for Kyle Trask

… oddly enough, doesn’t sound too convincing.

These are head-scratching numbers for a quarterback who had three receivers drafted last April as well as arguably the most athletic tight end in the country. All that paints a picture of a quarterback whose solid numbers were aided far more by what his receivers did than by his own contributions.

‘Ya think?

PFF rates Jamie Newman a higher pro prospect, by the way.  But you probably guessed that already.


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8 responses to “The case for Kyle Trask

  1. “Hello Newman”…..buh bye FU qb, enjoy your year in hogtown with no cupcakes highlights for that heisman video presentation….#FTMF


  2. Ran A

    Yep, the tone has gone from arrogance, to confidence, to not quite as sure. Little bit of reality setting in on their offense, not sure of the two SEC West teams they are picking up and while they have a ton of commitments, they are MSU level commits. The natives are starting to get restless in Gainesville as the narrative continues to shift.

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  3. ZeroPOINTzero

    Read the comments after the article. They’re incredible. Every comment is about Newman. Starts off strong and keeps pace. Delusional best describes their fan base. The world is out to get them, led by the cabal in Athens.

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  4. W Cobb Dawg

    They lost 3 of their 4 top WRs, but they have Pitts and a couple decent backups returning. The real question is what are they gonna do for a running game?

    The overall talent continues to slide toward the rest of the division pack. A tougher schedule makes the situation much worse. They’re putting themselves in the position where Trask will have to carry the team. I don’t see that as a championship formula.

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  5. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Trask is a dink and dunker. Period. He doesn’t have the nuts to throw downfield. God, I hope the ‘Turds add Bama and TAMU to their schedule as it was suggested could happen, because that’s a schedule that has 6-4 written all over it (us, Bama, LSU, and TAMU).

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