Not the gap you were looking for.

Over at The Athletic, David Ubben and Andy Staples ($$) ask the musical questions, “How big is the gap between Tennessee and Florida? Is it shrinking or growing?

You can read the whole thing, but I’d like to inject Staples’ conclusion directly into my veins.

What Florida must guard against is overconfidence against Tennessee. As David has so astutely pointed out, the rosters aren’t as different as the results of the past two meetings would suggest. Tennessee is a completely different program now than the one that got shelled in Gainesville last year, and Florida players would be wise to understand that. They can’t get caught up worrying about LSU or Georgia, because Tennessee — and probably Kentucky — can give them hell if they aren’t completely prepared.

Hell, your typical Daily Gator isn’t worried about LSU or Georgia, so the meteor game posing a problem would come as a complete shock.



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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Just remember, the average Floriduh fan believes in the Myth of Dan MuLLLen with such absolute certaintude that not even mounting losses to obviously inferior coaches such as Kirby Dumb can dissuade them otherwise.

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  2. Ran A

    Yup… We seem to have a better grasp of where they sit than they do. UT and UF from a talent stand point are not that different. UT will be the more physical team and has a more talented O-Line.

    Kentucky isn’t as talented as either; but they have the better coaching staff and players that fit what they do very well, led by a very big and very physical O-line.

    I’m glad UGA has them late. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Kentucky beat them boat. And wouldn’t be surprised to see the Gators lose both of these games.

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  3. gap = Gayturs Are Preposterous….#FTMF


  4. practicaldawg

    For that matter, USCjr and UF are not that different. Even though UF’s classes have ranked higher, UF has experienced far more attrition. So if you look at who is actually on the roster today, the star quality is extremely close. Boom is also capable of landing a 5* here and there.

    Mullen’s ceiling in the west was obvious. He was never going to move past the traditional top 3 there. It looks like his window is closing in the East as well.

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  5. FrozenDawg

    Hopefully the trash lizards pick up Bama and maybe A&M from the west and then struggle with UK, and UT and lose badly to us…3-4 loses for them would be earth shattering…and I would love it…couldn’t happen to a nicer, more well grounded fan base (snark meter explodes) …I hate those jeans short wearing losers with every fiber of my being…GATA you dirty dawgs

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  6. Rocketdawg

    As much as I don’t want to see anything good happen for the HillBilly Butt chuggers I would laugh my ass off if they beat Florida this year

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  7. spur21

    If we have a season and if Covid doesn’t destroy rosters and if UF gets Bama added to their schedule I can see them losing 3 and possibly 5 games.

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  8. Ari Wasserman has one up answering the question “Do you think UF can keep up with UGA and Bama by maintaining a high blue chip ratio?”

    Short answer. No. #FTMF


  9. siskey

    I think we will get LSU and Arkansas and Florida will get Bama and one of the Mississippi schools. To me, that seems fair and will ensure the TV partners get good games. I think it is also better for us because LSU should be not as good as last year and if we beat Bama we go into the game with Florida up 2 games in the standings.

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  10. Mayor

    I actually think Kentucky is a bigger threat to FU. The UK program has gotten decidedly better since the arrival of Mark Stoops and while not improving every year in a linear fashion clearly appears to be on the ascent.


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    I don’t see fu sweeping scu, utk, and kentuck in the division race. There’s at least one loss from among that group. Mizzou has given them fits over the years and LSU is always a tough game. If they draw bama its an automatic loss. I think a very good year for them would be 7-3, not counting simulated wins of course.

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  12. Rainy Night In

    Florida and to a certain degree Tennessee can wish and hope all they want. While Georgia worries about overtaking Alabama as the top SEC team Fl and Tenn are worried only about catching Georgia. World of difference. Florida fans are settling for less thinking they are close to getting more.

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  13. Dawg19

    Just remember, gator fans…

    It’s not a lie, if you believe it.

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