“We trust the process.”

Just wondering — is anybody else thinking Georgia is about to get rolled by the SEC’s schedule making for this season?  I mean, I know Greg McGarity is on the mother…

“We respect and trust that the Southeastern Conference will do what’s best for the Southeastern Conference as a whole,” McGarity said Monday. “There will be complaints, of course. It’s difficult to make 14 institutions happy. It’s impossible, in fact. It’s a thankless job in a jumbled world, and no one should be surprised by anything.”

Now there’s an approach that’s served Georgia so well over the years.



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39 responses to ““We trust the process.”

  1. Jim

    Holy crap. Maybe we will get to play Alabama twice during the regular season somehow. Both on the road…


  2. HiAltDawg



  3. Spike

    As long as the Gators get screwed..

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  4. dawgtired

    Well the conference knows one AD that will take a screwing quietly.

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  5. RangerRuss

    I’ve not leveled a personal attack on McGoo as I simply don’t know as much as some of the more informed board members. However that weasley proclamation above justifies all the rancor and disgust I’ve read from said members. The man needs to grow a set.


    • According to a local medical journal, said person can not grow a set once they have been castrated/nut cut/lost your man card/sac disappearance/snip snip/used like a sock puppet…..


  6. Bright Idea

    We must not forget ESPN, SECN and CBS probably have a say in the schedule also.


  7. Matt B.

    I can’t imagine how owned he must be at home. Just a total milktoast beta.


  8. Chip Towers must be wanting to keep some access. Has Greg McGarity ever faced a hard question from the Atlanta media?


  9. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Fuck this guy.


  10. BA Baracus

    Here’s the most laughable line from that article (referring back to the last round of rescheduling for the expansion):

    ”But as much as people want to believe otherwise, persuasion and petition were not part of that process, and they won’t be this time either.”

    Side-splitting, that.


  11. BigD

    Agreeing to play Auburn in back to back seasons with nothing in return says all we need to know about Greg’s “negotiating” skills.


  12. W Cobb Dawg

    Until it happens, I won’t believe Kirby will sit this out and let Greg Mediocrity screw the schedule up. If it does end up a mess, it’ll bring my sky high opinion of Kirby’s organizational skills down quite a few pegs.


  13. Runlindsey

    What a depressing way to start the day, though it was nice to be reminded I have not been using BOHICA enough. I agree the SEC knows it can do what it wants and UGA’s AD will not challenge them while they do it nor complain after they are done. Shit, he is already out there telling us to expect to be unhappy. I hold some slim hope Kirby has the ability to put a charge in his ass……..but don’t the folks who have all the money and presumably spend it on the luxury boxes and special societies get sick of this shit at some point? I guess not. Best case scenario is neither our schedule NOR Florida’s gets harder.


  14. Rocketdawg

    We’ll get Bama, LSU, and Auburn in consecutive weeks to open the season on the road, play Tennessee at home the week before Florida who gets a bye week and follow that up with Kentucky on the road. Seems about what the SEC and noodle back McGarity would consider a “fair” and equitable schedule. Meanwhile Bama has UGA at home followed by Arkansas at home, Vandy on the road, Ole Miss and Miss St at home, bye week before LSU on the road, bye week before A&M at home and the Barn at home to finish the season.


  15. Chi-town Dawg

    McGoofy needs a name change to “spineless jellyfish”. Thank you sir, may I have another…


  16. This is just so weak. McGoofy could make a strong argument that playing the next two rotating opponents was both objective and somewhat random. An admittedly subjective process is necessarily less legitimate and less trustworthy.

    I predict Florida will not get Alabama because Bama will complain they already play 2 (UGA & Tenn) of the top 3 East teams while no one else in the West does.


  17. Castleberry

    We’re playing Auburn and Bama twice – all four on the road. Book it.

    The only thing that would surprise me is if McGarity dissented publicly or privately to any mistreatment.


  18. KornDawg

    Anyone that expected anything else from McGarity hasn’t been paying attention.

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  19. MGW

    We already play Bama and just finished playing LSU and A&M so I don’t see how we get stuck with either of them. He might be counting on that logic.

    But if you’re ever going to get anything in exchange for that Auburn shit, and you’re never going to push for two in a row in Athens, now’s the time.


  20. Guess well have to see what happens before the seasons cancelled anyway. Have all blessed day


  21. Don in Mar-a-Lago

    “It’s a thankless job in a jumbled world,” and Greg’s got the blues today


  22. Mayor

    Greg McGarity is an empty suit. The sooner he is gone the better it will be for the players of all team sports at UGA. The only reason he is still around is he is a shill for the big donors.


  23. Ken Wilkinson

    Auburn owes us a home game. Time for McGarity to get paybacks.


  24. Will (the other one)

    The only thing preventing us from playing at Auburn last year, this year, and next, is the game getting cancelled this year. And if we wind up playing away 3x at Auburn, watch McGarity claim he should get thanks for “balancing” the home and away again.

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  25. Let’s face it, were it the rubber stamp “next 2 up on cross over schedule” — they would have already announced it.

    We are definitely going to get screwed again. How we deserve someone like this guy to do our bidding is beyond being beyond me.

    The best part however will be him getting excoriated for it when we don’t even end up playing the full schedule. So maybe, glass half full on this one?


  26. Bigshot

    Yep I can just here the SEC telling UGA to bend over here we come.