Hope is maybe the best of it just means more things.

Boy, this is some quote.

“The problem is that all the other sports are treating this like Democrats and college football is handling this like Republicans, thinking this virus is just going to go away,” said one SEC coach, comparing college football to pro hockey and basketball. The coach spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive topics. “And I’m saying that as a Republican.”

More than anything, I’m surprised an SEC coach said it.  Not that his basic point is wrong.


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    I’m not sure the virus gives a damn about your political leanings..it does seem to care how old you are….I hope that’s an allowed comment.


  2. Not a huge fan of “condition of anonymity”, come on coach, put a name with a face plus your quote…now you’ve got my attention…or just say no comment (cause the stink from that shit can find you at a later date)….


  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Oh man, there’s so much wrong with that story, but that’s for the playpen.

    Then again, when it comes to Robert Klemko, I definitely expect editorial nonsense and gross generalizations, so it’s not surprising.🤷🏻‍♂️


  4. ASEF

    So that narrows it down to 13 out of 14…


  5. spur21

    I’d like to know if the risk factor is higher for the players than the general population.


    • Ben

      Maybe not the players themselves, but definitely the families of a majority of CFB players.


    • MGW

      If they were normal people, they’d likely be lower risk than average for their age; they’re generally in peak physical shape. Maybe not the more overweight linemen because that’s a factor. But even presuming those guys are in great shape…. the average 18-22 year old isn’t getting up close and personal breathing in each other’s faces and sweating all over each other for four hours at a time, with people from another town, and then going back to the sideline/locker room and spreading anything they picked up to the rest of their teammates.

      Like the average college kid, though, they’re all definitely going to go out with all their other friends and girlfriends after the game to spread it around a little more.

      So yes they’re way, way higher risk, but their individual risk factor isn’t even the problem at all. The problem is that each game is a deliberate super-spreader event until the virus is under control for the entire population. The players will likely be fine. The people they contact after the fact and the people those people contact and so on and so on… are just normal people. And they 100% definitely will contact other normal people.

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      • Hence my point of having a massive 18-22yr old 1 month, no school party in Athens and let it run its course. You have 2 choices, join the herd or quarantine for 3 weeks. The sensible people who stay away will likely continue in their sensibilities and not cause ongoing spread once this party is over. The best thing for a football season would be for every idiot on campus who doesn’t care anyway to get it all at the same time (while the others strictly quarantine for 3 weeks). The half-in approach is what screws everything.

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  6. MGW

    I swear to god most people who won’t wear masks just don’t want to be mistaken for liberals in public.


    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      I wear my mask when I go out, but pretty much the only place I go is Publix. I draw a line on wearing my mask in the car, though.

      Those people are a special kind of sad.


      • MGW

        Very special and very sad. But I’m glad that at least their ignorance results in unnecessary safety measures rather none at all.


      • tiredofidsearch

        Agree corch, I wear a mask everywhere except the car. I usually put it on when walking from the car to wherever I am going unless there are people around, then I put it on before getting out of the car.
        Now… as for wearing it in your car y yourself while you are driving down the road (I’ve seen it, you probably have too)… I always wondered what the reasoning was. Are they afraid they will give it to themselves ?


        • ASEF

          I’ve forgotten my hand sanitizer and wait until I get home to disinfect my hands before removing the mask – and then wipe down the car and anything else I touched.

          You touch a lot of things in a grocery store.


      • jtp03

        They could be an uber driver on the way to pick someone up. They could have a toddler in a car seat that you can’t see.


    • Most people I see wearing a mask still arent doing it right anyhow. Lord knows about their hygiene


  7. Junkyardawg41

    I am not even sure what the “anonymous” coach is even talking about much less why you would inject a “political party.” I do find it interesting the anonymous coach brought up the NHL and the NBA but not the NFL as examples. Or the fact the coach wasn’t associated with a sport —- just a SEC coach.

    The other thing that is interesting is the article is the concern by players they will get COVID and not wanting to take that risk. That risk. Not the normal concussion risks that might lead to CTE or paralysis or death from suiting up and playing the fame but only external risks.

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    • I do find it interesting the anonymous coach brought up the NHL and the NBA but not the NFL as examples.

      The first two are containing their players in bubbles. I don’t think the NFL is doing that.


  8. UGADawgGuy

    Man, that’s the most apt possible quote about the 2020 college football situation at this point. And by an SEC coach, no less. I need to know who said that…