“The season is creeping up on us and we have no answers.”

The #WeAreUnited players can’t get a meeting with Larry Scott, but the California governor’s office has time for them.

A group of Pac-12 football players with the #WeAreUnited movement met with officials from the California governor’s office Tuesday to discuss concerns about their schools’ COVID-19 protocols and protecting their college eligibility.

The players hope an executive order from Gov. Gavin Newsom could mandate player-approved, third-party oversight of COVID-19 rules at the Pac-12’s four California schools and ensure players who opt out of the coming season because of the coronavirus won’t lose a year of eligibility.

The Pac-12 has said players who opt out will stay on scholarship this season, but whether college athletes would be allowed to preserve their eligibility in that situation is undetermined.

Given its track record, it’s probably not the smartest strategy to let California drive the bus here, but Larry’s gonna work that stall as long as he can.



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3 responses to ““The season is creeping up on us and we have no answers.”

  1. 123fakest



  2. W Cobb Dawg

    A sympathetic legislature and gov is one way to get changes instituted. And Larry Scott and the various A.D.s aren’t much of a challenge on the PR front.


  3. Nashville West

    Of course California is going to drive the bus; it has 1/3 of the schools in the conference and the two flagship programs, USC and Stanford. Unfortunately, Governor Newsome is not really noted for his driving skills so the bus is probably going off the end of Pier 39 and into the bay.