Rank ’em.

I’m stealing this from a message board thread I read, because it looks like it would be a fun exercise and, Lord knows, we could all use a little fun around here.

So, here goes:  how would you rank Georgia’s units going into the season?

I’ll start.

  1. Linebacker.  Duh.
  2. Defensive line.  There’s depth, and Davis is a beast.
  3. Defensive back.  There seems to be a pattern developing here…
  4. Running back.  Swift is gone, but this is Georgia’s quintessential reloading position.
  5. Offensive line.  Replacing last year’s two starting tackles is a big task, but it’s not like they don’t have talent to work with.
  6. Quarterback.  Remember how thin this position was going into 2019?
  7. Wide Receiver.  Ditto?
  8. Special Teams.  Largely because Blankenship’s left some rather large shoes to fill.

What say you?



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28 responses to “Rank ’em.

  1. I may switch the secondary and the defensive line, but I agree with everything here.


  2. Granthams replacement

    I would switch 4 and 6. RB has talent, I haven’t seen flashes of the top shelf talent of the last 7 seasons.

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  3. Derek

    The four offensive groups are about the same:

    One guy you feel really good about counting on, and then a lot of question marks.

    Zeus, Pickens, Newman and Sayler I feel good about. I’m wait and see on the rest.


  4. dawgtired

    I can’t argue with your order and feel the same about DB vs DL…very close. Note the overall D as the strength. All positions come before any Offense.


    • Derek

      He’s huge and occasionally dominant but he’s got really, really slow feet.

      I also don’t know that I’ve ever gotten past how badly Raekwon Davis whipped his ass in Atlanta. That was ugly.

      I’ve had a “looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane” prejudice since. I also have heard he had that rep in HS from opposing coaches.


  5. Jack Burton

    PK (the only true ?) Rod was as big a part of the last 3 seasons as any other individual player in the conference


  6. Uglydawg

    I think that’s pretty close.
    Seems to be a consensus that every component of the defense out ranks the offense. We believe the defense is solid.
    But we (I) are also sandbagging a little here. We know the upside for the offense could be very strong and probably is…while at the same time realizing that if it is even slightly better than 19’s this team will be super.


    • Derek

      The ceiling for the offense is definitely much higher than last year, but we need guys to step up.

      If we can be the type offense that can post 30 vs. anyone, I don’t see us losing to anyone that doesn’t have a special QB with a set of dominant receivers.

      And even there we’d have a shot. That defense is salty.

      We just need to own goal line, short yardage and get a few cheap first downs from Newman and we’re a national player. If we end up being a team with the special qb and a dominant set of receivers, we’ll have a big party in January.


  7. Russ

    Yeah, that’s what is so frustrating about this season. We are absolutely loaded on defense and our offense will be intriguing with the chance to be really good.

    I have zero worries on defense. On offense, QB and the passing game are open questions though I really like the potential answers with the new and returning talent. OL doesn’t worry me too much unless we get some injuries. RB I think will be fine.


  8. Linebacker.

    Defensive back.
    Defensive line. They will be good but the loss in experience will matter.
    Offensive line. We have recruited so well they will be fine but it might take a few games to gel as a unit.
    Running back. I think we will miss Swift. I don’t see a Swift/Michel type back
    Wide Receiver. They will be much improved.
    Quarterback. We really don’t know what we have.
    Special Teams. Punting can be really good if we are more consistent. Not losing ground in place kicking from last year is highly unlikely.


  9. Bulldawg Bill

    Face it, folks! There’s so much talent all over this team that you’d have to rank’em 1a, b,c… and 2(PK).

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  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I am much more optimistic about our QB situation than you Senator, what with all the PFF Newman Porn and JT Daniels having faced live ammo in the Pac-12 as a former 5-star recruit.

    1) Linebacker – I won’t differentiate between inside or outside, they’re all fucking BEASTS!

    2) Running Back – We have stacked blue chips on blue chips on blue chips here. AND we finally have an OC who will allow them to run the ball AND catch the ball IN SPACE. Why would anyone be worried?

    3) Offensive Line – I hate to repeat myself, but we have stacked blue chips on blue chips on blue chips here. Also, Matt Luke is a good coach and recruiter to keep it moving. Why would anyone be worried?

    4) Defensive Back – By the end of the season, this might be our best unit. Seriously, the way Cine played int he Sugar Bowl has me salivating. If Campbell can make the leap, which I think he will, this could be the best unit in all of CFB in 2020.

    5) Quarterback – I admit, this is a function of my optimism in both our likely QB1 and QB2, but it’s also a function of knowing Monken is a fantastic OC who will use whomever is QB1 better than they were used previously.

    6) Defensive Line – Jordan Davis and the Young Pups. A ton of depth with many getting a lot of snaps, but this is where the “no-names” of our “no-name” defense really comes from.

    7) Wide Receivers – Pickens, Blaylock, and D-Rob will benefit maybe more than any position group from our coordinator change. No more will they have to struggle on every route to get open. No longer will their route trees have them stupidly end up in the same area of the field. No longer will an entire half of the field be off limits to them. Scheme will get them open far more often. Their athleticism will take hold. There are young pups chomping at the bit, but also, you know, Hankton should also benefit from Monken’s tutelage, as Monken has shown to be a great WR coach. Maybe he can pass on that information.

    8) Tight Ends – To me, this is the biggest group of unknowns simply because Chaney and Coley never used them other than blockers and pass-catching decoys. Getting McKitty was huge though, mainly because, well, he’s HUGE.

    9) Special Teams – Some others here have made this argument before, but I think not having Hot Rod there as Kirby’s security blanket will be best for Kirby’s continued growth as a coach. TD’s not FG’s.


  11. I’d put the offensive coordinator at 6, and move everything below down 1.


  12. Will (the other one)

    I’d move QB ahead of OL if only because it’s the first time since the very end of 2017 (when Eason was healthy again) where Kirby’s had multiple QBs with multiple starts. Now, 2,000+ yard seasons vs the ACC and Pac-12 aren’t the SEC, it’s a damn sight better than Fromm + a ton of unknowns (especially factoring in improved QB coaching from last year.)


  13. CB

    DB- we have so much depth and future NFL talent I barely cared when a promising young Divaad Wilson entered the transfer portal.
    Linebacker – Don’t have them at #1 because I need to see one or two guys emerge as game changers. They could easily be the best at their position group in the country if a couple of guys realize their full potential.
    DL – Depth and experience, plus some of the best talent is young. Davis might be a Day one selection. Perhaps one or two others.
    WR – I actually feel really good about this group assuming we get the ball to them effectively. Pickens might enter Green, Ward, Edwards territory this year if he can keep his head screwed on straight. Blalock has a few extra weeks of healing time. Between Jackson, Robertson, Landers, and Bush we’ll see who emerges, or perhaps one or more of the vaunted freshmen leap frogs them all.

    5.OL – The loss at tackle is substantial. They might struggle early on while Luke dials in the best 5.

    RB – I’m pretty sure that White and Cook aren’t a slightly upgraded Richard Samuel/Carlton Thomas duo with the benefit of running behind a significant better offensive line, but by week 3 or 4 it’d be nice for one or both of them to have emerged as yet another future NFL starter the likes of which we have enjoyed for the majority of the last decade.
    QB – Two experienced starters to go along with two young talents, and another kid who has been with the program for years. Not bad.
    TE – They have the talent to be dangerous, but very little experience. Because of that Tre McKitty will be a big deal. Let’s hope Washington can figure it out early.
    SP Teams – I feel pretty good about the punter, but kicker is a huge question mark. I think we’re primed for a big time return man to emerge. Arian Smith? Kelee Ringo?


  14. Scuba

    Defense stay nasty and healthy there are no worries.

    Offense we have been spoiled since TG3 at RB. The position group like the O line group has unlimited potential. That carries over the receivers we certainly have two guys that can play. Still waiting on the rest for next man up. There are two I’ve given up on. I won’t post negative on players by name until they are paid. Her is where I go off the rails I really believe before season ends ( assuming there is a season) we finally discover the forward pass to tight ends.

    QB’s I feel very comfortable compared to last year. Again like the rest of the offense a lot of talent to work with. All rich folks problems to be sure.

    Special teams is a concern that hopefully forces Kirby to open up. To often Hot Rod was his 3 point safety net. Can we land a punt inside the 10 regularly when needed. If not bet the new ST coach is not afraid to speak up about it.

    I rarely use the word hate. I do so much hate this virus.

    I’ve wondered in the wilderness long enough. This team on paper lacks nothing. GATA