“… with the health and safety of our student-athletes being our No. 1 priority.”

When #WeAreUnited says it’s about the money, Larry Scott says it isn’t.

Scott included six bulleted paragraphs in the email related to the conference’s coronavirus protocols as background to prepare for the call; however, like his initial response Monday, he did not address the group’s proposal for a drastic reduction to his own salary and the distribution of 50% of each sport’s total conference revenue evenly among athletes in their respective sports.

In a call Wednesday with the Pac-12’s Student-Athlete Leadership Team, which is part of the Pac-12’s governance structure and comprised of athletes from every school across several sports, Scott implied the #WeAreUnited group’s economic demands were unrealistic and a non-starter, according to multiple sources familiar with the call.

The idea that Scott would accede to a player demand to reduce his salary and split conference revenues was nothing more than a pipe dream.  If, however, that was offered as a negotiating tactic to get traction for issues like player health, that shows more smarts and realism.

There’s an indication that’s what those players may really be after.

Pick the battles you can win, kids.  And remember whom you’re dealing with.



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12 responses to ““… with the health and safety of our student-athletes being our No. 1 priority.”

  1. Once the kids made their demands, it became a negotiation. I don’t know who is helping them put it together as I highly doubt they came up with voluntary pay cuts at the top on their own, but it’s not at all bad negotiating to throw things out there to see what sticks.
    Let the brass keep their salary, go after the NIL and get it handled quickly. Once those lines of credit get finalized the conferences will shut the whole thing down for the season and i can’t see that helping the players leverage.


    • Bay Area Dawg

      According to the press they are being advised by Ramogi Huma, Executive Director of The National College Players Association (NCPA). He was the advisor for the Northwestern players who tried to unionize,


  2. One thing I haven’t seen though someone may have said it is the player wearing those clear plastic shields under their face masks. Many wore them already to protect their eyes. But I wonder if it is practical to have them cover the face mask completely for added protection?


  3. CB

    I’d be really curious to see what the fallout would be if the revenue sharing became a unified sticking point for all the star rated athletes in the Pac 12. Would they use walk-ons to scab their way through the season? What if a Pac-12 team of mostly walk-ons faced a fully intact Bama team in the playoff. Could be dangerous.


    • CB

      It would only take one conference to break the pay for play seal, and you’d see the Bible Belt schools follow suit within the week if not 24 hours lest they lose all their recruits. How ironic would it be if liberal California schools were the ones that modeled capitalism for all the red states?