Straight talk

What “we’re prioritizing the health and safety of our student athletes” and hoping for the best translates to in sober expert-ese:

Good luck with that, everyone.


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4 responses to “Straight talk

  1. bitterclinger72


    UGA, you must jerk off until there is a vaccine.

    I’m sure many here will take that vow, wearing their mask and demanding college football be cancelled.


  2. sniffer

    “Almost everything will have to be perfectly aligned to move forward.”

    Funny. That is my precise thought as I stand over every putt. And take a piss. Or eat pizza. Finish a beer. Put on socks.


  3. argondawg

    Senator, I expected this morning to see commentary on that long interview with Courson yesterday about protocols etc. probably a longer post than one wants to hammer out on a Saturday. It really shed some light on how things are being done.



    I’ve heard the dorms will be full. Not just the newer “apartment style” dorms either. Apparently, here is the reason. What could go wrong?