The power of the media

Just because I’ve commented about Clay Travis lately doesn’t mean I can’t give credit where credit is due to Mr. Steaming Hot Takes himself, Danny Kanell.

Yeah, it’ll be the media that kills the season.  That’s the ticket.

At least Travis has a website and a business to promote.  Kanell trolls for the sheer pleasure of it.


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11 responses to “The power of the media

  1. Doug Gillett

    Shorter Danny Kanell: Sportswriters are mostly good guys and I know this isn’t their fault, but I’m going to blame them anyway.


  2. SCDawg

    I made the effort to create a wordpress account to comment for the first time in a while. The idea that sports media writers are rooting for a cancellation of a college football season is so asinine that it is difficult to fathom.

    I have taken COVID seriously. Some friends who I go to games with haven’t. None of us has engaged in this level of acrimony in our discussions about what we are and are not doing. All of us are hopeful that we can have a season. At the same time none of us want a bunch of people getting sick and getting others sick from playing or attending. I have had some friends have this and they were really, really sick. For a long time. Similar age and health.

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  3. He’s just not very bright is all it is.


  4. I want him to name the “college football writers” who “have been peddling onnly the absolutely worst headlines.”

    Who? Who is peddling “only the absolute worst” news about the upcoming season? I guess he includes tweeters and bloggers in “college football writers”.

    What he probably meant to say was he wish he’d been doing the same. Because he loooooooves to say “I told you so.”

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  5. afkaasef

    The difference between Clay and Danny:

    Clay is trying to keep an audience. Danny’s chasing one.

    I remember when Danny got SVP’s radio spot when SVP got his own Sportscenter. Prime gig. Blew it.

    Been bitter ever since.

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    • Ha. Very talking head thinks they can do radio. And I’m not surprised many try, considering the potential pay hanging out there, but it’s got to be the hardest gig in sports showbiz. A live three hour show five days a week? Great Googely Moogely. Most of these guys couldn’t remain interesting for five minutes a day three days a week.

      Dan Patrick is the best in the biz. He makes it look easy.


      • Doug Gillett

        Dan Patrick and Dan LeBatard are probably the only two radio guys I’d ever want to listen to for three straight hours. Not just about sports, but about anything. I don’t know how people listen to political talk radio of any persuasion, left, right, or anything else.

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        • Job One for all radio talk show hosts is to fill up air time. That’s why they keep harping on the same subject, making the same points, using 100 words to say what 10 words could have said. That’s why they try to create controversy, scream at each other. I tuned most of them out a long time ago.

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          • gastr1

            So glad to hear that some people^^^ do in fact see that claptrap, talk radio, for what it really is. There is a lot of interesting stuff out there (podcasts and the like) without having to listen to some asshat try make two hours of content out of 10 minutes of information.


  6. I stumbled upon this and I’m generally not a fan of SDS but this article felt real and a little more balanced.