They blame Bobo.

I never imagined when I posted this yesterday…

Let’s hear it for Colorado State, which, in a matter of a few short months with a brand new coach, has managed the difficult Daily Double of substandard safety protocols and racism/verbal abuse accusations that need to be investigated by the administration that hired him.

I mean, there are programs that take years to get to that point.  Salut!

… that it would turn out Colorado State would be one of those programs.

These were some of the incidents most often corroborated in separate interviews:

Bobo and Jancek calling Black football players “boy,’’ a derogatory term aimed at Black people. One assistant coach under Bobo said Jancek quit using the term after being told it was insensitive.

• • •

In a meeting with his assistant coaches, it was confirmed that Bobo was wanting a Black woman to meet a Black recruit. He looked at former assistant coach Joe Cox, who is white and is married to a Black woman, and asked if his wife could meet the recruit. Cox said his wife was not available. He looked around the room and said to former assistant coach Bryan Applewhite, who is Black and married to a white woman, that the next time he hires a Black assistant coach he will make sure he has a Black wife…

In one of the more public outbursts among CSU football staff, Jancek, who is white, and Tre Thomas, a Black starting linebacker, had to be separated on the sidelines in plain sight of many fans at a 2018 game against Wyoming. After that incident, Bobo moved Jancek away from the sidelines and up to the coaches box above the stands, claiming he did so to give Jancek a better look at the field rather than for separation from his defensive players.

“In what other department at CSU would you pay a person $325,000 (Jancek’s annual salary) who you couldn’t trust to be around students, or require your deputy athletic director (Steve Cottingham) to babysit your head basketball coach (Larry Eustachy) because you were afraid of their abusive behavior and you were afraid to fire them?’’ Stewart said.

I will leave it you y’all to beg the obvious questions here.




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29 responses to “They blame Bobo.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I heard murmurs over the years that Bono has a, uh, bad side.


  2. Muttley

    Black wives matter?


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  3. Ran A

    Wow… Didn’t see this coming… This does, at least in my mind, clear up why Bo Bo was never really pursued by Kirby, when he was let go at CSU.


  4. Derek

    Fwiw, Joe did follow Mike to Columbia.

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  5. Doug Gillett

    I always liked Bobo, a guy who didn’t get nearly the credit he deserved as UGA’s quarterback, and was hoping he’d do great things at CSU. But it’s gonna be really hard for him to get very far as a coach if the above accounts are indicative of his attitude.


    • Down Island Way

      That person will always find employment, given his resume and a couple of phone calls…..just look around the college sporting land scape (tosu, baylor, ucla,scwest,pedist,FU,the barners, miss,maryland,nc….)


      • Texas Dawg

        An 11-1 record will buy you a lot longer leash than a 6-6 record. I doubt Bobo ever gets another shot as a HC due to his poor record. I would not be surprised at all if he got another shot as an OC for the same reason.

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        • unionjackgin

          Never say never … George Seifert was 1-8 & 2-7 has a HC at Cornell in the 1970’s. 10 or so years later he won a SB with the 49’ers and is one of only 13 HC to win more than 2 Super Bowls.

          This is a bad look for Bobo right now but if make some mea culpa’s, change your behavior, and then run a successful offense for a few seasons and someone will come knocking on the door. That assumes that CFB below the Power 5 survives COVID.


          • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

            Again, “it’s a bad look” doesn’t translate into “this is actually what happened.”

            Mark Richt just stood up and basically said this is all b.s. If it isn’t, and Bobo allowed actual, honest to goodness racism and not “racism” to fester in his program, then apologize by all means.

            If it’s not, and this is just the b.s. “racism” that it is actually appears to be as these “out of the blue” accusations generally are, then DON’T APOLOGIZE!!! Enough with the pound of flesh apologies that certain people continue to demand as performative nonsense.


            • unionjackgin

              Mark Richt was not the HC at Colorado State so while he can offer perspective on how Mike Bobo conducted himself at UGA – he has not first person account for Colorado Springs.
              Please define racism and b.s. “racism”.
              This is crisis management 101. He isn’t currently at Colorado State so issues that are addressed, Bobo has to handle from Columbia, SC. Make it go away quickly – apologize and move on. Why drag this out?
              The crux of my comments were directed at the point that Bobo would never get another shot as a Head Coach given his record at CSU. I pointed out that while it might look unlikely – never say never. I pointed out the terrible record of George Seifert at Cornell. Add Mike Shanahan to the list – he had a .400 record as HC of the Raiders. He won a SB or two. Bill Belichik would be on that list too.
              Not saying Bobo is going to become a SB winning coach but he is still pretty young. Getting another shot as a HC shouldn’t be an issue if he had a good track record as an OC.


              • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

                If you don’t know the difference between actual racism and “racism,” you haven’t been paying attention, which is accentuated by your “crisis management 101” advice like it was still 2010 or something. That isn’t how it works anymore in the era of the woke SJW social media mob.

                It used to be that even if you didn’t do anything wrong, you’d apologize anyway, and then it would go away. Now, the moment you apologize for something you didn’t do, they got you, and they will never stop demanding their pound of flesh as they “cancel” you and strip you of any way of making a living or having a moment of peace for the rest of your life.

                Let your character witnesses speak on your behalf, expose all this for the lying overreactions of people looking for their 15 minutes of twitter social justice fame who don’t understand the difference between actual racism and getting cussed out by a coach, and tell them to pound sand.

                That is the only way out of this: Defiance.

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              • Greg

                ” apologize and move on. Why drag this out”?

                If he didn’t do it, why apologize??

                That would be a terrible mistake imo.

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  6. Greg

    Not surprised….EVERYBODY is a racist. Especially if they are from the south.


  7. CB

    I imagine the comment about Joe’s wife was made with a wink and smile. Skin color aside Erica is fine. 🔥🔥🔥


  8. Russ

    Were there any rumors about this at UGA? I have a hard time believing Richt would put up with this. I wonder if it emerged once they didn’t have a moderator?


  9. debbybalcer

    I doubt Joe Cox would be working for Bobo if he was a racist since his wife is a POC. Bobo never had that thrown against him here or in SC. I think CO state is trying to deflect.

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  10. 69Dawg

    There were rumors that Mike had the usual QB big head while at UGA but never anything about this.


  11. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Does anyone think Mark Richt would have Mike Bobo on his staff for 14 years if any of this were actually true?

    What it sounds like is pussy Millennial and Zoomer players got their fee-fees hurt by a football coach who uses bad words and yells at them.

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