Before they take it all away…

… live the dream with Josh Kendall’s won-loss projections for the SEC with the revised 10-game schedule ($$).

He’s got the Dawgs going 9-1, losing only to Alabama, and winning the East by virtue of the straight-up head to head win over the Gators. (Yay!)

Perhaps the biggest surprise is he’s got Arkansas picking off Ole Miss to avoid going winless.  Boy, that would be a glum Junior at the post-game presser if that happened.



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2 responses to “Before they take it all away…

  1. Russ

    I could see it happening. And then I see us kicking Bama’s ass in Atlanta for the championship.


  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Yeah, but he also had Floriduh going 9-1, and there’s no way they’re beating LSU, and it’s unlikely they beat TAMU. In his career, Sideshow Dan the Clown simply does not beat teams that are better than his. So that brings them down to 7-3. I believe they’ll also lose one of: Kentucky, Sakerlina, or Mizzou with Kentucky being the most likely suspect. Regardless, the ‘turds’s ceiling is 7-3 this season. Take it to your bookie!

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