Appeal that.

Way to go, geniuses.

You’ve now gotten the highest court in the land on record as not supporting your take on college athlete compensation.  Nice.



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Those of you who have been screaming about what NIL compensation would do to competitive balance better hang on to your hats.


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  1. DawgStats

    You called it


  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    The arguments the NCAA continues to put forth against some fairly common sense ideas are, for lack of a better phrase, morally repugnant.


  3. Sam Johnson

    Even I, an armchair blog reader, saw the futility of this appeal. These attorneys should be fired along with the folks who hired them. It’s just unbievable that they pursued this. They have now invited the 9th Circuit to hammer the NCAA anytime that court chooses. It’s bad lawyering but likely good for college football.


  4. 69Dawg

    “Tis only a flesh wound”.

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  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Remy to Emmert: “It isn’t actually precedent; we can still appeal. We just didn’t get emergency relief from one justice.”

    Emmert: “Let me check the bank account; okay, do it.”

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  6. Has the NCAA ever won in court?

    Either Remy stinks as a lawyer, or he is constantly working from a position of weakness on the merits.

    Or both … because he seems to never figure out when to settle and live to fight when the facts and the law are on his side.

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    • Or he’s got a fool for a client…

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      • ASEF


        Every lawyer has a script for, “I’ll take your money, but you’re going to lose.”

        The NCAA likes to throw money at symbolic legal losses. It’s pretty American, when you think about.


      • I guess you mean Emmert as Remy’s client. Eventually, Remy has to say, “Boss, we’re going to lose again. Let’s cut our losses and settle like EA did.” I assume Remy isn’t getting any kickbacks from the law firms he engages, so there’s no reason to keep paying litigators who are going to lose because you don’t have the facts or the law on your side.

        I hate losing competitive bids (I admit to being a terrible loser). I imagine the size of his paycheck soothes the pain of losing in court, but I couldn’t sit there and take the loss after loss.


  7. Got Cowdog

    Wait a minute…did I read that correctly?
    That SCOTUS will not block colleges from paying S/A’s for internships? Holy shit. I wonder what Clemson would pay the next Trevor Lawrence to intern at QB? Hell I wonder what Kirby would pay?


    • Got Cowdog

      And he’s gonna need a ride to school, you know. Like a ‘vette.
      NIL be damned, the NCAA just stonewalled themselves into an open bid market for top talent.
      What a bunch of dipshits.


      • Harold Miller

        The dipshits of the world will be offended by you lumping those morons in with them.


      • I’ve been warning for months that the smart move was to be proactive and settle. Instead, the NCAA figured what could go wrong with a combination of stalling and assuming the appellate courts would bail it out.

        All they’ve got left now is Congressional action and that’s probably not going to work out the way the schools want, either.