Scott Frost has some thoughts.

Nebraska’s head coach delivered quite a message yesterday, saying his team wants to play so much, the program will consider scheduling games even if the Big Ten shuts down football in 2020.  He was just getting on a roll with that, though.

Screenshot_2020-08-11 Adam Rittenberg on Twitter Frost says college athletes will get COVID-19 whether or not they're compe[...]

That, of course, isn’t the goal, but… wait, there’s more?  Yeppers.

Priorities, bitchez.  Mike Gundy got publicly flailed for saying something similar in the spring, but now, nobody even blinks at saying the quiet part out loud.


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4 responses to “Scott Frost has some thoughts.

  1. I don’t know why anyone ever attempted to hide the fact that money is one of, if not the key motivator to having a college football season. There are bleeding hearts out there who vilify anyone who states the obvious and shames them for putting money ahead of the “safety of the players”. There’s an argument for every side, we’ve all heard them. But, killing the football season to (hopefully) protect the players will have a catastrophic affect on most universities’ bank accounts. Some to the tune of thousands of people losing their jobs and having to make career changes to provide for themselves and their families. And, sadly, many of these decisions are made with PR motives. It’s Covid theater. Nobody wants to look like they’re not doing their part to protect their people from the virus. If they don’t play the game, they know lawyers are waiting to attack. And nobody wants that liability.


    • Tony BarnFart

      Serious question: What’s the angle from a plaintiff’s lawyer POV ? A large settlement ? I’ve heard from a couple of plaintiff’s lawyers that most of these cases are dead ends because proving causation is next to impossible. What is the ideal fact pattern these guys are looking for ?


  2. Don in Mar-a-Lago

    Deep thoughts from Scott frost my balls

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