“This sport has never needed leadership more, and it has never gotten less.”



Bill Connelly summarizes.

In what universe should conferences be “maneuvering” against one another during a pandemic? There is not even enough leadership in the country’s most popular college sport to get five leagues to work together during the most wicked problem in 75 years. Why exactly does an NCAA-type governing body exist if it cannot help guide schools through extraordinary circumstances such as these?

I’m pretty sure those are rhetorical questions.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    “Why exactly does an NCAA-type governing body exist if it cannot help guide schools through extraordinary circumstances such as these?”
    To spew university president style rhetoric and pass out the money?

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  2. munsonlarryfkajim

    Between the NCAA being proven to be worthless as many already knew, the likelihood of players getting a “seat at the table”, NIL rights and likely major realignment due to the NCAA going away I firmly believe college football as we know (knew?) it is over

    There will be plenty of anxiety and hand wringing due to all the unknowns caused as a result of the above, I’m pretty sure we’ll be just as rabid about the sport when we see what the new version looks like

    Just bums me out we did not get our Natty under the old system.

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  3. junkyardawg41

    For sure this is a wicked problem (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wicked_problem) and the NCAA has not provided much guidance in the form of a framework. They have chosen neither the “Clinton” approach to gushing policy (leak plans to the press to gauge national interest) nor the Trump approach (Tweet to see what sticks). Having done neither nor actually put forth a framework to be amended as time goes along is pretty shameful. Especially when the NCAA bylaws say athletic competition is part of the educational experience. Students are heading to campus soooo….


  4. mg4life0331

    In the poker game of life, the NCAA is the fucking rake.



    GATA Zamir….let the kids play..

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  6. Jack Klompus

    The leadership gap that’s been exposed in this country over the last 6 months has been shocking, to say the least. The common theme is the election or appointment of leaders to preserve a certain way of life rather than adapt and change with the times.

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  7. Anon

    No doubt we are living in unalterable two America’s now. And college football is the least of it.


  8. From everything that I know so far I think they have done exactly the right thing. There is no one size fits all policy for this situation in the same way the response in Montana was far different than the one in New York. The truth is if the NCAA would have instituted a one size fits all policy most would complained as much or more about that. Those two media windbags are just that.

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  9. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    This isn’t exactly a comment on Zeus’ tweet, but it did make me think that while we know the teams we’re going to play I haven’t anything about the dates. Will we play Bama first or not? Is the WLOCP moving? If they don’t let people know how to plan, not too many will be able to go. Maybe that is the plan….


  10. These are healthy young men. If they want to play let them. Living room couch jocks opinion mean nothing.


  11. ciddawg

    NEWS FLASH Senator!!!- There’s not going to be an SEC 2020 Season !!! The SEC is too rich a target for Corporate Media and their masters to pass up…too full of Republican led southern states and College educated capitalists that support Trump (with notable exceptions to you and your posse)… The SEC College Football Season will be used just like the MLB and NBA Seasons have been used…as a political weapon and divisive tool to dispirit the fans who look to sports to escape politics and the plandemic, only instead of Kneeling and using BLM to drive off fans…The goal is to build up hope and optimism… for first a season… then a “Big Game” (every game is an SEC game!!!) then, at the last minute…. cancel the game because “somebody tested positive” … not that anyone got sick or God forbid died (99.96% survival rate)… its the proven tool of your team the Democrats / MSM…
    The College Football Season will be yet another front to try and generate soul crushing disappointment to an SEC fan base (i.e. voting block) that supports Trump with the goal that the adults will get sick and tired of the tantrum and let the three year old have his way and elect your team Joe & Blow…. wake up people, you are getting played ….


  12. ciddawg

    you’re probably right…please continue rearranging the deck chairs…