Good job, NCAA.

No, really.

As much as I bitch about how useless and corrupt an organization it is, when those rare times occur when it actually does something in line with what it claims its mission is, it deserves to be called out and praised for it.

And this is one of those times.

This is so well done that I’m not gonna spoil the moment by pointing out that at this point it’s only a recommendation that has to be approved by the Board of Directors.  Er… well, you know what I mean.



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5 responses to “Good job, NCAA.

  1. Sam Johnson

    Sounds great, truly, but you have to wonder about scholarship limits, Title IX and transfers. Seems they’ll have to expand scholarships all around.


  2. So with all of this now is it better for uGA if we don’t play or we do?


  3. Ozam

    An excellent PR move, but the devil is in the details! I really am interested in how the entire college athletic system will survive without income from football in 2020.


  4. CB

    Feels like we’re giving the credit for doing something obvious.