Pump it up.

Kirby expects noise in Tuscaloosa.

“I know this, they still have a stereo system,” Smart said with a smile Thursday night on a 680 AM high school football roundtable show live streamed on YouTube. “They’ll find a way to crank noise in there. I’m sure everybody in the SEC, you’ll probably still have to have earmuffs without the crowd just because of the sound systems. The home team is going to find a way to make it an advantage I can promise you that.”

If anybody should know, it’s him.

Since it’s artificial noise, though, I still assume SEC rules about cutting it off before the snap will apply.  That should make for some weird moments.

Think they’ll play taped cowbells in Starkville?


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16 responses to “Pump it up.

  1. Russ

    That’s really going to be weird. I’ve noticed “crowd” noise at some of the baseball I’ve watched. Not sure if it’s coming from the stadium or TV though.

    One interesting thing about no crowds is now you can really hear what the players are saying. You could hear an Astros pitcher calling out his own set of signals to his catcher the other day.


    • Tony BarnFart

      Pretty sure it comes from the broadcast. Noise in the stadium wouldn’t be so pure, it would echo like crazy. That’s kinda why I hope they don’t have blaring noise in empty stadiums…….it’ll be more like a bad POW experience for everyone involved than anything intimidating.

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  2. theotherdoug

    Sounds to me like Kirby has a plan for our home games and assumes Bama does too.

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  3. “I know this, they still have a stereo system.”

    Kirby acts like this is his Z28 that he drove to Athens from Bainbridge back in the day (I don’t know if he had a Camaro) with the Pioneer woofers and the big amplifier in the trunk rather than a PA system. When he says these kind of things, it makes me smile and realize at his core he’s still a good old coach’s son from SOWEGA.

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  4. FlyingPeakDawg

    Why wouldn’t they allow the Redcoat Band to play?


  5. practicaldawg

    Auburn has always had trouble hitting the stop button before the snap

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  6. 123fakest

    They should not allow any piped in noise.


  7. 79dawg

    Speakers in Neyland Stadium if you are sitting anywhere down near the field in the first 10 rows or so are earsplitting… (and that its Rocky Top over and over again doesn’t help either!) I would think there is no way the league would let them turn around and face the field, as you would not be able to talk on the sidelines if they did…


  8. Faltering Memory

    The now popular light shows bother me more than crowd noise or both. Wth lights flashing until a split second before the snap, I wonder if players, QB and WR in particular, have blind spots for seconds after the snap.

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  9. 81dog

    My one criticism of the whole South Bend experience (small compared to all the good parts, but still..) was the guy with the PA system cranking bad, loud music literally up to the snap. AU and Tech are the worst local purveyors of this kind of fake juice, but ND was at another level. I don’t think it has any effect on our team at any of those places, certainly not in the way genuine, blood curdling crowd noise does (see @AU 2017/genuine v @AU 2019/PA dudes trying to rouse the stunned locals) but it is annoying as hell to sit through in the stands. They should make a simple rule that the fake noise stops when the huddle breaks.