Today, in I heard it on the Internet, so it must be true

Take it from somebody who’s been there a few times himself — before you embrace as gospel some social media story you find compelling, make sure it’s for real first.


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8 responses to “Today, in I heard it on the Internet, so it must be true

  1. Derek

    But it happens “almost EVERYDAY!!”

    So you share the fake one obviously and not the thousands of real ones.

    And then take down the fake one.

    And not replace it with a real one.

    This all checks out.


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    • Derek

      I like how glisson puts the responsibility on his coaching buddy for the alleged texts with an alleged reporter, but does nothing to address his “almost EVERYDAY” commentary that he added himself.

      If his own comment was true he should have a few to put up, right?

      Maybe he was just joking?


  3. jgshellnutt

    Can someone tell the story please? I am having difficulty seeing original event.

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