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“That’s why so many coaches are pissed.”

More deets on the cranky coaches conference call about the two games added to the SEC schedule:

At one point, a coach claimed, “Favoritism was played.” Another coach asked if the league would be willing to release the formula to the press, “because we’re getting pounded with all these questions from the press about it and don’t have any answers, and we were told, ‘No, because there was no formula.’

… Several coaches told ESPN that they were led to believe, at least initially, that they would simply play the rotating cross-divisional foes on their 2021 and 2022 schedules, but that the league decided against that option because some teams would potentially be playing against each other in back-to-back seasons.

“They told us they were trying to balance the totality of the schedule, but what was already on our schedules shouldn’t have mattered. That was a given. That’s got nothing to do with anything,” a coach told ESPN. “Again, they weren’t giving us a lot of answers, so this is what they get.”

The SEC, where SNAFUs just mean more.

(By the way, the only coach who has a legitimate right to bitch about this is Sam Pittman.  Anybody else complaining about anything other than the usual bad communication from the conference office is just being a whiny beyotch.)



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Stupid is as stupid does.



That “if” probably isn’t doing as much heavy lifting as Freeze hopes it is.


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If I didn’t know any better…

… I’d say Kirby’s got a handle on Dan Mullen’s offensive prowess.


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