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Injury report

Hot off the press.

Daniels isn’t as far along as we hoped.

That, on the other hand, sounds about like what we’d expect at this point in time.


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“I can’t wait to see them play.”

Damn, I gots to know.

Georgia’s offense under first year coordinator Todd Monken benefited from being able to have weeks of walk-through practices this summer.

Even before players returned to campus, the quarterbacks worked on snap counts, cadence and checks via Zoom.

“That isn’t the same as a 6-foot-5, 240-pound linebacker screaming down at you,” Smart said during Georgia’s virtual G-Day game. “You just can’t simulate that.”

Quality control coordinator Buster Faulkner, who arrived after serving as offensive coordinator at Southern Miss and Arkansas State, has a background in prolific passing offenses like Monken.

“Coach Monken and Buster working with Coach Monken, they’re putting together a good plan of installation and verbiage and terminology,” Smart said.

Running backs Zamir White and James Cook have a chance to be featured more now that D’Andre Swift is gone.

Tight ends have a whole new look with Florida State graduate transfer tight end Tre McKitty and five-star freshman Darnell Washington from Las Vegas.

“I think the full evolution of what this new offensive regime is going to bring in, it will take a little time to develop,” Bulldog radio analyst Eric Zeier said this spring. “Like everybody else, I’m very curious and waiting with anticipation with what we’re going to see.”

“… during Georgia’s virtual G-Day game” are some of the more frustrating words I’ve read.  Although I can’t help but wonder who the virtual G-Day QBR leader was.


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Race against the clock



Two thoughts here:

  1. A reliable, inexpensive, easy to administer COVID tests would be huge, both for society as a whole and for college football’s 2020 chances.  It’s the first real thing I’ve seen that justifies Greg Sankey’s take it slow and hope approach for playing.
  2. But… but.  Can they buy enough time to get this into the mix?  Even Mark Emmert admits that bubbling the players is the best way to keep them safe.  Yet, every SEC school is about to embark on a course of letting them be exposed to a general student population that isn’t fastidious about staying safe.

I’d say it would serve Sankey and his presidents right if their selfish adherence to their business model costs them a season that was salvageable, except that means we fans don’t get one, either.  And that would truly suck.  Get your shit together, folks.  Please.


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An added layer of protection

I’ll be curious to hear from the players what their experience with this is.  Do they feel safer with it?  Does it have any effect on their breathing while wearing a helmet?


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Is this good?

Yeah, I think that’s good.


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