Sneaky good?

There’s been a fair amount of “watch out for Kentucky” chatter of late, especially after it was revealed yesterday that the ‘Cats open against Auburn.  This may explain some of that:

Mark Stoops’ team may not be as deep as the front line conference contenders, but they’re talented and experienced — basically, the philosophy Dan Mullen pursued with success every few years at Mississippi State.  If UK stays healthy, there’s a good chance for a nice season.

And UK ought to be as healthy as UK can be for its opener.



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10 responses to “Sneaky good?

  1. Ran A

    With a big, experienced and reasonably talented O-Line and that boys and girls is half the battle on offense. Control the line of scrimmage – eat clock – wear down the other team and keep your middle of the road defense off the field.

    I think they ‘get’ UF and liked it a lot better when we had them late.


  2. UK may have an excellent season, but playing them is the reverse of when we play them in basketball. Their horde of McDonald’s All-Americans (even the ones who aren’t one-and-done) hold us at bay and eventually win by double digits and sometimes they stomp a mud hole in us. If recruiting and Jimmies and Joes mean anything, we should rout them.


  3. Ed Bodenhamer

    I’m 100% on board with Kentucky being a tough out …especially right after playing at Bama. But they will be coming off a game as well. And with our defense back that stifled them last year plus the favorable matchup our hopefully gelled offense has against their defense…I don’t have much anxiety in the matchup. That said, injuries/suspensions/positive tests could cause some issues of they came to pass. But with Ron Courson in Athens, we are better equipped than any team in the nation to handle that.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    We should have a good idea of what they’ve got by the 5th game. Don’t like getting em on the road right after traveling to bama, but that’s the way it shakes out sometimes. And its not as if their stadium will be packed with screaming fans.


  5. Biggen

    Who is their QB? That guy they had last year was pretty bad from what I can remember.


    • Got Cowdog

      I can’t remember his name but I think they were thin there and some injuries forced them to use him. I want to say he was a WR? I think he did OK considering. I may have my years mixed up.


      • Biggen

        Yeah I just checked and it was Lynn Bowden who was a converted WR. He was filling in because their starter (Terry Wilson) had a season ending knee injury. They also had a backup have a season ending knee injury too (Scalzo).

        Bowden is back as is Wilson. Bowden wasn’t very good and Wilson will be unproven since he had a year off. We will see.


  6. stoopnagle

    I don’t know that any of us should be comfortable with where they sit on our schedule right now.

    Especially since we certainly can’t go and Keeneland will be closed anyway.