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Cade Mays doubles down.

I detect the smell of burning bridges.

What environment?  The environment that had him start in the Sugar Bowl?



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Georgia announces its 2020 seating plan.

To nobody’s surprise, you’ve got to pay to play.

How many fans will be allowed to attend games at Sanford Stadium?
Sanford Stadium will be operating at approximately 20-25% capacity. All tickets will be available in blocks of 4 to maximize inventory and maintain social distancing measures. This reduction is based off of 6′ social distancing throughout the seating bowl of Sanford Stadium.

Why are 2020 UGA football season tickets no longer available?
Due to the reduced capacity, it is our goal to provide as many Hartman Fund donors, who have season tickets, with the opportunity to attend home game(s) this fall.

Do I have to participate in the single game request process?
No. Donors will have the option to opt-in or opt-out of the single game ticket request process. Regardless of whether you opt-in or opt-out for 2020 ticket opportunities, you will be eligible to renew your previously established season ticket locations for the 2021 season.

Will I be able to sit in my same seats?
Due to reduced capacity and measures taken to provide physical distance between guests, donors will not be able to secure their exact seats for games this season.

How much will the single game tickets cost?
Single tickets will cost $150/ticket per-game. This includes a $75 ticket price and a $75 Hartman Fund contribution requirement. These costs will be deducted from any previously paid 2020 football season ticket payments and/or 2020 Hartman Fund contributions.

I appreciate that they’re keeping existing locations in place for next season, even if you elect to opt-out for 2020 tickets.

Allocations are based on previous giving.

Screenshot_2020-08-19 2020 Georgia Bulldogs Football Season - University of Georgia Athletics

As the cool kids say these days, it is what it is.


UPDATE:  Cocktail Party news

• Georgia’s ticket allotment for the Florida game (Nov. 7) will be around 9,000, with the school following the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium reduction plan (currently 25 percent).


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Alex, I’ll take “nobody really knows”, for $200.

Remember to put your answer in the form of a question.


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Your 8.19.20 Playpen



Carville is a devout LSU fan who wants to see the SEC play. But he’s also realistic. “Most people who know something don’t seem to be terribly optimistic,” he said.

He also acknowledges that there’s “a lot of green” between now and when the SEC is scheduled to open on Sept. 26. He recalled a recent event he attended in Dallas when he was told that “people are going to blame the Democrats” if there’s no football.

He chuckled. “Everything gets politicized. I guess this is, too. Sadly, it’s become a cultural touchstone. I hope they play.”

Two questions:  (1) do you think they’re right and that the decision to play or not will be (or already is) politicized?  (2)  if so, whom do you think will bear the brunt of the blame?

Have at it in the comments, but keep it from getting personal, please.


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The depth, she is deep.

Jake Rowe posts his latest projected depth charts for the offense and defense, and, boy, the talent level is ridonkulous.  Are there any concerns?  Well, maybe a few:

  • “Hill is the starter at this spot and still has a few kinks to work out. He has to get his snapping issues under control because high snaps killed a handful of Georgia drives a season ago.”
  • “Davis is Georgia’s alpha at this position and it’s not even close. This is probably one of the bigger areas of concern for Georgia going into the 2020 season because a year ago it was Davis and a fifth-year senior in Michael Barnett.”
  • “The loss of Divaad Wilson could prove to be significant because UGA lost some depth here.”
  • “There isn’t a ton of depth behind [LeCounte] or at the other safety position, though.”

Any of that particularly worrisome to you?


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Come on down and bring the whole family.

The SEC, in its infinite wisdom, has announced guidelines for schools to manage the health and safety of fans in preparation for the 2020 football season.  You can read all of them here, but these are the highlights:


  • Institutions shall determine the number of guests permitted to attend in accordance with applicable state and local guidelines, policies and/or regulations. In the absence of state and/or local guidelines, policies and/or regulations, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations on physical distancing should be applied.

Face Coverings

  • Face coverings (over the nose and mouth) shall be required as a condition of all guest ingress, egress, and movement throughout the stadium, as well as any time guests are unable to maintain the recommended physical distance from others who are not in their same household.

Gate Ingress/Egress

  • Signage shall be installed at parking lots, pedestrian paths to the stadium, gates and/or other ingress/entry points that outlines mandates for all guests to wear face coverings, maintain physical distancing and mandates guests do not enter the stadium if they display any COVID-19 symptoms as outlined by the CDC.


  • Institutions shall determine whether tailgating or other large gatherings of guests (e.g., alumni events, university recruiting events, etc.) are permitted on property owned and/or controlled by the institution in accordance with applicable state and local guidelines, policies and/or regulations. In the absence of state and/or local guidelines, CDC recommendations on physical distancing should be applied.

The whole thing is a giant “gee, what could go wrong here?”.  Alabama and Tennessee have already announced they’re planning on attendance in the 20%-25% range and the idea that they’re going to be able to police these guidelines in any meaningful way over the course of several hours with thousands of fans defies common sense.  But, hey, at least they can keep fretting over students who ignore social distancing guidelines.

The announcement adds that the guidelines are subject to “…pending future decisions related to the allowance of fans to attend games as the Conference continues to monitor developments around the COVID-19 virus”.  Bet we’re in store for a few of those.


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It may not make sense, but at least his heart is pure.

Never mind that Georgia is on a three-game win streak in Jacksonville (collective score:  102-41), the direct flight from Athens is of shorter duration than the bus ride from Gainesville, Smart has out-recruited the Portal Master™ by a significant margin or, perhaps most importantly, there are a shitload of bigger problems facing Georgia football right now than what Mike Griffith has his panties in a wad about:

The crowd is 50/50, so I don’t think neutral site means what Griffith thinks it means.  Besides that, while Kirby Smart ain’t perfect, if there’s one guy who doesn’t have blind spots, it’s him.


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Wednesday morning buffet

Sights and sounds from around the world of college sports…


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New shoes

Don’t know if we’ll have a 2020 season, but we’ll always have these:




Feel like shelling out 130 smackers for those?  I dunno…


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