Come on down and bring the whole family.

The SEC, in its infinite wisdom, has announced guidelines for schools to manage the health and safety of fans in preparation for the 2020 football season.  You can read all of them here, but these are the highlights:


  • Institutions shall determine the number of guests permitted to attend in accordance with applicable state and local guidelines, policies and/or regulations. In the absence of state and/or local guidelines, policies and/or regulations, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations on physical distancing should be applied.

Face Coverings

  • Face coverings (over the nose and mouth) shall be required as a condition of all guest ingress, egress, and movement throughout the stadium, as well as any time guests are unable to maintain the recommended physical distance from others who are not in their same household.

Gate Ingress/Egress

  • Signage shall be installed at parking lots, pedestrian paths to the stadium, gates and/or other ingress/entry points that outlines mandates for all guests to wear face coverings, maintain physical distancing and mandates guests do not enter the stadium if they display any COVID-19 symptoms as outlined by the CDC.


  • Institutions shall determine whether tailgating or other large gatherings of guests (e.g., alumni events, university recruiting events, etc.) are permitted on property owned and/or controlled by the institution in accordance with applicable state and local guidelines, policies and/or regulations. In the absence of state and/or local guidelines, CDC recommendations on physical distancing should be applied.

The whole thing is a giant “gee, what could go wrong here?”.  Alabama and Tennessee have already announced they’re planning on attendance in the 20%-25% range and the idea that they’re going to be able to police these guidelines in any meaningful way over the course of several hours with thousands of fans defies common sense.  But, hey, at least they can keep fretting over students who ignore social distancing guidelines.

The announcement adds that the guidelines are subject to “…pending future decisions related to the allowance of fans to attend games as the Conference continues to monitor developments around the COVID-19 virus”.  Bet we’re in store for a few of those.


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  1. The one positive here is that this is an outdoor venue, of course. In light of guidance that fresh air/good ventilation helps a great deal, I’m hopeful that game attendance with these restrictions won’t lead to horrible outbreaks.

    That said, I do not think I will be one of those people in attendance even if the opportunity presents itself.


  2. If you don’t feel safe, don’t go. If you want to sit on a bleacher for 4+ hours (I believe Bama has already said no tailgating on campus – coming soon to a campus 70 miles from Atlanta) with a mask on your face in the late September/early October heat, go for it.

    Taking shots just because they haven’t released every detail of how they are going to do this is beneath you, Senator.


    • You know, thinking about how well schools have already handled the pandemic on their campuses, you’re probably right.


      • Why don’t you just come out and say it? Fans shouldn’t be allowed to attend, and, as a season ticket holder, I’m ok with that.

        Feel free to take shots at them (I will) when I see the plan and it doesn’t appear to be possible.


        • It’s not my call to make, man. But nothing has happened so far to make me feel any confidence that this will work.


          • I didn’t say it was your call to make. Take a stand on what you think they should do. Many of us here are sincerely interested or we wouldn’t come here to read and discuss daily Dawg news.

            I’ve said from the beginning that they are going to play with no fans other than participants’ families, recruits on official visits (with 2 guests), and extremely large donors (even lower Magill people won’t get in). I say that even though I’ve made the decision I’ll be sitting out the season other than highlights and reading your stuff as a result.


            • I’m not sure what you’re so worked up about with regard to my post.

              I see no reason to take stands until I see what the school specifically has in mind, but I am highly doubtful, based on these guidelines, of attending a single UGA game this year.


              • 79dawg

                Because you just keep slamming everyone – the SEC today, North Carolina a couple of days ago, Notre Dame a few weeks ago – for trying. I have my doubts too, am fine if there are no spectators, and probably won’t be attending myself (they had me at “four hours in the sun with a mask”), but if we aren’t going to try, or we are just going to slam everyone when things don’t succeed, we might as well pack it all in and sit in our basements forever…. Sounds fun!

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    • PTC DAWG

      Your first sentence, SPOT ON.


    • Got Cowdog

      I’ll throw my .02 in here, it sounds like the loosely worded guidelines mean exactly “If you don’t feel safe, don’t go. If you want to sit on a bleacher for 4+ hours…” Somebody with a security badge will walk by and tell you to put your mask back on, which you will do, and they’ll walk on. You will pull your mask off and cheer the next play. Rent a cop will be back around in an hour or so to tell you to put the mask back on.
      No tailgating on campus, bars will be open and will suggest social distancing.
      “You” being in the general sense, not you personally. I won’t attend, but if the kids are on campus and there’s a few people in the stands? Hell yeah I’ll tune in. It’s an all SEC schedule.
      Fingers crossed…


  3. I hope to get to a game in person this season. But I imagine that in-person attendance depends on how the virus curve is affected by students returning to campus & we might not know the effects for a couple of weeks.


  4. Holiday Inn Bagman

    The fine and upstanding institutions of the SEC would never resort to exploiting the vagueness of these rules to create an advantage.

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  5. Personally, I don’t plan on attending if I have the opportunity, but it is more based upon not wanting to sit in a 25% full stadium to watch the game. I go for the atmosphere and with out that I would rather watch on TV.

    It wouldn’t bother me at all if UGA decided on no fans attending. I really just want to get the ticket refund or apply it to next season’s tickets since we won’t have the typical experience of tailgating and a full house cheering on the team.


  6. dawginutah

    HS football started here in Utah last week. I can tell you that I wouldn’t want anything to do with a mask in Georgia, or anywhere in the south for that matter in September. It was pretty unbearable here.
    Enforcement is and will be a problem also. Masks were mandated for all in attendance and most tried to follow that rule. Social distancing- not so much. But there wasn’t a representative from the host School or UHSAA to help enforce. Just reminders from the PA announcer.


    • dawgphan34

      I wear a mask every morning on my run in Atlanta. It really isnt that big of a deal. Once it gets soaked with sweat, I change it out. I typically need 2 for an hour long run.


      • PTC DAWG

        I understand somewhat wearing one inside, etc…but outside for a run? That seems like a pretty safe environment to me.


  7. akascuba

    This year allows the wallets every AD harvests each year to enjoy watching (assuming the games are played) a vastly improved product from the comfort of their homes. Its going to be hard to sell those cupcake games and horrible home schedule (here is looking at you ADGM) to the wallets going forward. Im staying home this season with a single exception. If allowed the opportunity to go to Jacksonville I`ll be there wearing my mask.


  8. theflatulator

    Will concessions be open and will they be serving alcohol at the schools that allow it?