New shoes

Don’t know if we’ll have a 2020 season, but we’ll always have these:




Feel like shelling out 130 smackers for those?  I dunno…


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13 responses to “New shoes

  1. KornDawg

    I like ’em, but I’m gonna hold off. I buy them to wear to the games, and I’m fairly certain I won’t be going to any games. Maybe 1, if we get a season. Besides, they’ll probably lower the price after a few months. They did with last year’s model.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Meh. Not their best effort.


  3. Tony BarnFart

    Should have just had red Covid symbols all over it and it woulda been memorable.

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  4. Has Nike disowned Colin Kaepernick yet? When they do, I might start buying their stuff again. But not these shoes.

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  5. David Chadwick

    No. Bought my last pair of Nike shoes, but wouldn’t buy these because they’re meh.

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  6. Never been a big fan of these types of “School Edition” shoes. It is overkill on team logo placement in an outfit. I don’t need my hat, shirt, shorts, belt, shoes, and socks all to be branded UGA. I prefer to be more subdued with a hat, shirt, and belt (maybe). I like to go with gray or gray/black running shoes if I wear them to a game. I don’t think I would ever buy something like this.

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  7. stoopnagle

    Nike sucks. I try not to buy anything from them if I can help it. And I strongly endorse peaceful political protests like kneeling during the anthem. So what’s my beef?

    Mistreatment of athletes

    Poor support of athletes

    Corruption of track and field – where Nike could boost American track to new levels, it just throws money at the officials and screws the athletes

    Lance Armstrong, Alberto Salazar, and the long list of dopers who Nike enabled (and enables). Nike is bad for sport.

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    • Agree. Although I’d never kneel for the anthem myself, if Kaepernick wants to do it, that’s his right. Nike made this chronic malcontent out to be a hero, that’s what bugs me.

      Besides, I’m not gonna pay $130 for white shoes, then wear them to a tailgate, they’re gonna get really dirty.


  8. Got Cowdog

    Last pair of white sneakers I bought? I have a Boykin Spaniel whom I adore, and she likewise. We’re buds. She’s high output and an world champion digger of holes in the yard. (You can see where this is going?)
    I wore my brand new white and blue kicks to the gym one morning, my wife let the spaniel out to play while I was gone. An enthusiastic greeting upon my return and I had a pair of white, blue, and dark brown not so new yard work shoes, although the almost perfect paw prints right where the laces met the toe were pretty cool.


  9. Teacher Martin

    Made in China, just like the viirus