“All of our quarterbacks are really good.”

Hope you’ve got that Athletic subscription cranked up, because Seth Emerson ($$) does a good job of reading the tea leaves from players after the first few days of practice to cobble together a few impressions.  Considering the beat writers have zero access to those, that’s as good as we’re gonna get for the time being.

The header quote aside, there is some information that Seth gleaned from talking with the players.

The good news is that it appears Todd Monken is on his way to installing the new offense.

Players have been a little more forthcoming about Todd Monken, and what the new offensive coordinator is bringing to the team. Even then, you have to listen closely to find some morsels, because the players aren’t likely to describe the system in detail or new plays that Monken is installing — but it does seem that there may be a lot of those new plays. That’s based on Jackson mentioning the “volume” of the offense, but in an upbeat tone.

… Jackson sounded like things were already pretty far along.

“The offense, the receivers and quarterbacks, running backs and linemen, we have all done a great job up to this point learning the offense,” Jackson said. “Guys are playing fast. We have everybody in the right position to make plays. And coach Monken, I love the way he’s bringing in the offense. He loves to see guys make plays. And if you can make plays, you can play for him.”

The other tidbit worth mentioning is that Matt Luke appears to be remaking the offensive linemen in his own fashion.

The offseason buzz about new O-line coach Matt Luke wanting players a bit slimmer has been confirmed. Salyer dropped weight, and so did junior center Trey Hill, who said he lost about 10-to-15 pounds. Hill said he was inspired in part by Salyer’s weight loss.

“Because I know in the future for (me) my weight is going to be a problem,” Hill said, appearing to mean his football career.

Ericson said the coaches put them at a “specific weight they feel we can play well at.” They also consult with the players and come to a number that’s a goal. And it sounds like those numbers are shared within the group.

“We do make it a kind of competition, see who can get to their weight faster,” Ericson said. “Or if someone’s spiking up or if someone’s getting too low and needs to gain some weight then we kind of get on him. We make it a competition and kind of push each other.”

Ericson said he’s at his prescribed weight and is aiming to stay “as lean and mean” as possible.

It will be interesting to see how that affects Georgia’s run scheme this season.


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30 responses to ““All of our quarterbacks are really good.”

  1. GruvenDawg

    We have lineman that can get out on the edge and pull more effectively. Hitting those second level blocks on a toss sweep are fun to watch. Patiently waiting for game 1 to see this team in action.


  2. MGW

    All for something different on the Oline. Ain’t like that extra weight was getting much push when it counted last year.

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  3. rugbydawg79

    Run Zeus Run


  4. paulwesterdawg

    Hard to have real up tempo hurry up when your OL are over weight. The extra snaps and extra running between plays wears the fatter guys down.


  5. Is this normal for football programs?

    I remember 2010 when we had the biggest OL in football and then we focused on losing weight and then gaining then etc.

    Do other programs go through this too?

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    • I agree and would interested in some information regarding the different views/strategies OL coaches use and how that is married with the offensive scheme. I understand the basics of why you would want different body types for a zone blocking scheme versus what Georgia has been doing the last few years for example but it would be interesting to hear more in depth the thoughts and strategies behind different OL types and the schemes employed with each.


  6. practicaldawg

    Considering that the OL already outweighed most opponents by 50 lb per player, I’m not worried about giving some of that up for speed.

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  7. Derek

    Its strange how we’ve yo-yo’ed so often with respect to OL weight.

    I can think of two times where we have the biggest OL in football (nfl included) and two times that we’ve made an effort to trim down since CMR was hired.

    The results have been uneven under both approaches.

    I personally have felt that the number of offensive plays per game is more important than play calling, given the roster advantages we have versus most opponents and the struggles top defenses have when they have to play an excessive number of downs.

    These days it seems that match ups vs. top teams are always shoot outs because of the rule advantages given to offenses.

    For whatever reason, we’ve never quite been allowed to, or willing to, go fast.

    Maybe we’ll see that this year and that’s why we’re losing the fat.

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    • The Truth

      Good insight.


    • cowetadawg

      Wasn’t it the Boise State game with the Power Ranger uniforms when we kicked off the season with the one of the heaviest O-lines in Div I? That didn’t go so well.


      • akascuba

        That game was worse than losing to Vandy at homing.


      • gurkhadawg

        Everything sucked about that game. Ya got to give it to Boise though. They wipped our ass with much lesser athletes. I know they had several players to go on to play in the NFL, but the overall talent advantage we had was huge. They even had some white DB’s! They just out played us.


        • Don in Mar-a-Lago

          I always thought Kirby was the last white DB


          • gurkhadawg

            I was talking about Boise. CMR had a white guy at safety one year. Can’t remember his name. He tried but guys would blow by him on a regular basis.

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            • Derek

              Hey! Bryan Evans wasn’t white!?!?


              You’re probably thinking of this guy:


              (Btw I always feel bad ribbing on a player, but damn watching Bryan play was NOT fun at all. He was like Tyson Campbell as a freshman and he never got any better.)


              • Don in Mar-a-Lago

                But his hair was perfect

                4:20 “I saw Chuck Norris walking with the Queen, Everybody was kung fu fighting”


              • gurkhadawg

                Connor Norman is who I was thinking of. You’re absolutely right about Evans. He would get torched and then strut around like he was some kind of badass. And it would happen again and again. I remember thinking: why is that guy still in the game.


            • dawgman3000

              That would be one Connor Norman who was forced to play because, as usual under Richt, we had some guys suspended at the beginning of the season. I remember watching Sammy Watkins run by that kid like he was standing still. He tried his best though and I think Connor played the position better than Bryan Evan’s did. That kid was so frustrating to watch.


              • Don in Mar-a-Lago

                “as usual under Richt, we had some guys suspended at the beginning of the season” serves as a roadside memorial to Mark.

                At least he laid it on Tech and didn’t think much of Auburn

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              • gurkhadawg

                Connor Norman! That’s it! Thanks Dawgman. Norman knew what to do, he just didn’t have the raw athletic talent to do it against guys like Watkins.


        • MGW

          That game was a clinic on how adequate talent that executes can beat superior talent that doesn’t. We had a bunch of finely tuned athletic machines; they had football players.


      • tiredofidsearch

        And when we played Wisconsin in the Outback bowl. They had the biggest line in cfb and we ran circles around them and Ron Dayne (wasnt that his name ?) Ran for all of about 30 yards.


    • practicaldawg

      Our guys were massive, but I bet their body fat % was still lower than O-linemen in the old days. Ben Cleveland, for example, is just a giant of a human being. He’s surprisingly ripped too.

      It’s possible some of the weight they are losing is muscle if they are just doing a different type of training to focus more on agility and speed.


    • Down Island Way

      UGA is screwed now, when it’s 2nd down with 1.5 yards for a touchdown, the OL won’t be huge enough to move the opposition for that 2 gap running play….we are screwed i tell ya, gonna be kicking 50 million FG’s all season (2020 ?) long…

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  8. DawgStats

    Bulldawg Illustrated is posting all the interviews on their YT channel. Dasher looks… comfy

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  9. Got Cowdog

    There was a hype video I saw yesterday, on Dawgpost maybe? The offense ran a pass play and i was impressed how quick it all happened. Just fast and solid. The last time our offensive speed stood out to me was how fast Nick and Sony go to the hole in late 17, 18.

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  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Don’t need to waste money there when I can support you here instead, Senator. The only question I have is: Are 10-15 pounds per offensive lineman really going to be something bad if they’re probably dropping more fat than muscle?

    It seems to me that it will make them better run blockers and pass protectors given that they could maul block AND zone block better. Am I wrong here? Any former o-lineman here who could tell us?


  11. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Coaches are going to coach. The weight loss thing is overblown in my view. For a guy that weighs 335 a 10 pound loss is 3.35%. That doesn’t seem like a lot to me, especially since you can gain and lose that during practice days. More important to me is body fat/lean muscle ratio. That may be where they get their figures for each player. At least, I hope so. Not sure training with any member of the Falcons O-line is a great idea, but who knows?

    And The Athletic subscription is great.

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