Hell hath no fury like a former lineman scorned.

Greg McGarity, showing surprising backbone…

Didn’t know he had it in him.


UPDATE:  A quote from the blog post

“Georgia was not supportive of Cade’s transfer waiver,’’ Greg Isaacs, May’s attorney, told the Sports Animal on Thursday morning.

Schools can not block a player from transferring, but they can state reasons why they think a waiver should be denied.

It is not known how many NCAA waivers are granted when a school supports the players’ transfer.

The NCAA denied Mays’ waiver request last week. Mays and his attorney have 30 days from that date to respond. They could appeal earlier in hopes of expediting a decision from the NCAA.

It’s entirely possible the NCAA will not make a ruling on the appeal until after Tennessee’s season starts Sept. 26.

“The appeal will have a different look,’’ Isaacs said. “We will repackage some things and add some things.

“The focus will be on Mays and the toxic environment he was put in.

“He didn’t transfer to Alabama or Oklahoma, but because of his emotional well being, he decided to come home where he feels safe.’’

He didn’t feel safe in Athens?  Was his life in danger?  In grave danger?  Did Kirby order the Code Red or something?



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  1. Don in Mar-a-Lago

    Kirby likes vertebrate ADs


  2. Granthams Replacement

    Someone not named Greg decided to play hardball after the Mays family filed a lawsuit.

    It’s crazy how many times lawyers are mentioned in a college football blog now. Lord knows I can’t wait for game 1.


  3. Yeah, well you want Kirby on that wall. You need him on that wall.

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  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Cue the drama rodent.


  5. Salty Dawg

    So, does this mean Greggie has a set? Or thinking about growing some? I need more proof to make me believe this is a permanent characteristic.



    Toxic environment my ass. IF you want to go home, just say it, maybe they did, that’s not a good enough excuse to get immediate playing time, IMHO. Especially in Conference.


  7. Jack Klompus

    Sounding more and more like a whiny b*!ch.


  8. Derek

    I’m sure I’m in the minority here but I see NO positives from standing in the way of transfers.


    These are kids. Their old ass coaches can change scenery like underwear anytime they want but the kids have to stand by a commitment?


    When the “Im not going to be the alabama coach” guy leads on this “do what I say not as I do” nonsense I just say: fuck off you bunch of hypocrites.

    CMR loyal to us to the end had the exact opposite approach. Anyone see a pattern emerge?

    I don’t care if Cade wants to be home because mom does his laundry.

    Who cares? He was 18. If he thinks he made a mistake or knoxville girls like him more, what the fuck do I care?

    I don’t. Let him go.

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    • Got Cowdog

      But the coaches have buyouts! But. but.. scholarships …but ..He knows the snap counts…
      I agree with you here. Any student on campus can transfer any time. Scholarships are annual and the closest thing to a contract a Student Athlete has. If Cade Sanspinkovich doesn’t want to renew his scholly fine with me.


    • I generally agree with you about being able to transfer but I think the issue here is the B.S. reasoning the Mays family/ lawyer is using. If the NCAA inquires about the validity of the claims being made with UGA and decides they aren’t valid based upon the information provided by UGA that is on the NCAA not UGA. Maybe UGA is standing in they way but it seems to me they are just addressing the claims being made when being asked.

      UGA didn’t make the criteria of just wanting to move home an invalid reason for immediate eligibility. The NCAA did. So, if the environment or whatever else the Mays’ legal team is using as the justification for the waiver isn’t true or, there isn’t enough evidence to show it is true, what is supposed to happen? Mays can’t just say he wants to move home because he made the wrong decision. He has to come up with another reason that the NCAA will approve. We’ve heard the “toxic environment” and Pittman leaving but he isn’t trying to follow Pittman and if the other reason is bunk or not apparent, I am not sure what the Mays family expects.

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      • I also hope he plays so our D can whip his ass!

        I do admit I have a bias on this though because of how the NCAA ruled on the TE that transferred from UGA to Illinois to be closer to his sick/dying grandfather but was denied a waiver. You can’t do that and then turn around and give Mays a waiver without valid proof of whatever they are claiming.

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      • jhorne2000

        I hate it has come to all this toxic environment stuff.

        I think Kirby just wanted to be asked nicely. I think he wanted Mays to stand there in his faggetty creamsicle uniform and with his hillbilly mouth extend some fucking courtesy.

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  9. NotMyCrossToBear

    So he needed a safe space? And it’s at home? Better not leave the house then. Somebody might say something he doesn’t like or he may not always get his way. Real life is tough sometimes.


  10. He didn’t feel safe in Athens? Was his life in danger?

    Those folding chairs, man. He was havin’ nightmares about ’em.

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    • Don in Mar-a-Lago

      Snapping chairs made by Mity-Lite and delivered to the toxic environment by DeKalb Office Environments. Here’s how they’re repackaging the appeal and they’ve got their PI looking for that baseball guy who helped out Justin Fields


  11. David Chadwick

    The cherry on this would be the Bulldogs laying a five td ass-whooping on the Vols. I hope that happens.

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    • biggity ben

      I’d rather do that with Cade on the field, honestly. I could see him not thinking he’s welcome after the news of the lawsuit dropped. Lawyer is probably playing that up, though.

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  12. I have no problem with the 1-time transfer with immediate eligibility, but those aren’t the current rules.

    I’m fully supportive of Greg/Kirby saying, “I’m ok if he transfers and even if he transfers to a conference school I have to play every year. I don’t believe he qualifies under the rules as currently written for immediate eligibility.”

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    • boz864

      This^^^. I don’t agree with the current transfer rules at all, but if they are the rules today, they should be enforced.

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      • Derek

        I hope the 2 of you drive no faster than 70 mph on the interstate.

        “Mark it zero!” am I right?


        • I do, and, if I get pulled over, I pay the fine. I don’t whine that the 70 mph speed limit isn’t just.

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          • Derek

            I don’t whine, but I also don’t adhere to the rule too closely.

            Always keep this wisdom in mind when discussing rules:

            Enforcing rules that are there for your benefit are voluntarily enforced aren’t they?

            If my golf buddy accidentally moves his ball I don’t HAVE to make him take the stroke do I?


            • Tony BarnFart

              While some rules necessarily leave the enforcer with “discretion,” voluntary should never enter into the equation for the enforcer. Because voluntary necessarily implies non-enforcement, otherwise it would just be called doing your job. “Voluntary” non-enforcement of duly passed legislation undermines democratic government (in an increasingly gross way I may add, but will leave that for the playpen).

              Not sure about the golf analogy or what USGA rules actually are. Since you’re not playing under the USGA, you’re free to make your own rules. I don’t think the non-offending competitor in sanctioned play gets a voice in the matter, right ?


              • Derek

                Will you start a movement to make state prosecutors, and the state ag, if necessary, enforce the adultery statute of the books?

                CHAPTER 6 – SEXUAL OFFENSES. § 16-6-19 – Adultery. A married person commits the offense of adultery when he voluntarily has sexual intercourse with a person other than his spouse and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished as for a misdemeanor

                Its a disgrace that married people just keep fucking out of wedlock totally unabated!

                There’s a statute agin it dammit!!!


                • tenesseewasnevergreat

                  Either we enforce the law or we remove it from the books.


                • Derek

                  Or we keep it there so husbands can take the fifth amendment and not have to tell the world who exactly they’ve been fucking.

                  Thats the reason its never been repealed by the legislature.

                  And won’t be.


            • The Rules of Golf state:
              “If the player lifts or deliberately touches his or her ball at rest or causes it to move, the player gets one penalty stroke.” The rules also have a number of exceptions that represent accidental movement that don’t have a penalty.

              On your question, it depends on whether you are playing stroke play in a tournament. If so, you and your buddy have a responsibility to the remainder of the field to protect them. If you break a rule, you are expected to assess the penalty. When there is a difference of opinion, the player can play multiple balls and get a ruling after the round.


              • Derek

                You missed the point of the question.

                Its just me vs. him.

                Do I HAVE to enforce a ticky tack rule?

                Must I?

                Or can I as a generous spirit in recognition of the frailties of mankind permit a minor deviation therefore in the name of comity, goodwill and generosity?

                In short, must I be an asshole or is it a choice?


                • Derek

                  Agreed. I would simply make a different one here.


                • FlyingPeakDawg

                  Grabs driver, puts tee in ground, places Derek’s question re: being an a##hole on tee, winds up and…

                  You’ve clearly chosen “must” as an option in life.


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                • CB

                  If that’s your comparison to the Mays situation you must play friendly golf for some crazy ass stakes. Also in your golf scenario who is the NCAA? You? Can’t your friend just tell you to kiss his ass? By what authority can you overrule him? Furthering your scenario do you really think bystanders care whether you enforce rules in your game? That’s what everyone in this blog is unless Cade Mays or Mark Emmert have usernames.

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                • trbodawg

                  Penalties in golf, at least the way I was taught are different. If your buddy’s ball moves YOU aren’t imposing a stroke penalty. HE imposes the penalty on himself. Personal responsibility and all that. It’s ALWAYS a choice 🙂

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          • Down Island Way

            I can’t drive 55….

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            • One of the funniest things my mother-in-law said was to tell a Florida State Trooper who was patrolling the Turnpike that the reason he pulled her over was that she was the only one going slow enough to be caught. I think my wife said it didn’t work she got a ticket anyway.


              • Got Cowdog

                I have a friend whose brother is FSP. He told us when patrolling 75 all he had to do was turn on the blues and ticket the first one that pulled over.

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  13. Holiday Inn Bagman

    What’s dumb to me is why is the school being left involved in the waiver process at all? I guess it’s too much to ask for the committee weigh the facts on their own without a bunch of hearsay.

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  14. Grave Danger?
    Is there any other kind?

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  15. dawgphan34

    Isnt them blocking the transfer evidence of an a toxic environment. Trying to control someone that doesnt want to be here anymore seems pretty toxic.

    Not a lawyer, and lord knows I have slept in any hotel in a while, but do we really want lawyers digging into and leaking every bad thing that has happened in Athens over the last 2 years?

    Just seems petty and unproductive. The guy doesnt want to be in Athens. Let him go be somewhere else.

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    • Tony BarnFart

      I’d say no because the relevant period in question has nothing to do with the logistics of the process afterwards. While not a perfect analogy as they aren’t technically adverse to each other, we don’t say that a defendant making a strong defense in a civil case (like a divorce or employment matter) is proof that the defendant was the reprobate the plaintiff alleges during the time that is actually relevant. If you do it the way you suggest, one side has a monopoly on the truth.


    • Ed Bodenhamer

      No, it’s not an example of a toxic environment. Primarily because the school a player departs from (Georgia in this case) cannot block a transfer like the old days. They take one of two positions with regard to the transfer WAIVER request: oppose or unopposed. It’s important to keep in mind here that any player can transfer to any school they want nowadays. The ONLY thing that requires a waiver or permission is if the players wants immediate eligibility rather than sitting out the STANDARD year.

      IF Georgia opposed the waiver request in this case, they have every right to. And it’s done A LOT throughout the SEC and the Power 5 conferences as a whole when the player transfers to a division or conference rival. Since the advent of the transfer rules changes a few years ago, Georgia has NEVER opposed a waiver request; not even for Brenton Cox transferring to Florida. In that case, Cox didn’t have a case of any kind and Georgia’s opposition would have been pointless.

      In the case of Cade Mays and his garbage family, I’m still not 100% sold that Georgia opposed the waiver request. Even if we did, the NCAA (and SEC) make the determination based on the facts presented. If I were to wager a guess, I’d say Georgia wasn’t originally going to oppose the waiver request. I happen to think that they might have gotten their hands on some interesting information (texts and emails) with discovery during daddy’s bogus lawsuit. Maybe it showed coordination and manipulation between Tennessee’s staff, Daddy Mays, and Cade. Steering the brothers together in response to younger bro not getting interest from UGA, promising deliver of Cade IF they signed Cooper, etc. With the planned lawsuit the final act of the plan. In all honesty, I find that just as probable as any other option.


  16. 86bone

    Fuck Cade Mays and the mule he rode in on! There is zero toxicity in Athens, period! This fat faced, pouty little bitch wanted to play with his brother, who did not get an offer at UGA, so he is reaching deep into the pile to come up with some way to make it all better, trashing UGA along the way.
    He and UT deserve each other, along with Cone Head leading the way!

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  17. His dad can’t put a finger on why the transfer was denied…….

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  18. S.A.W.B.

    Code Red? More like a Code Pink(y)

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  19. waltergeiger

    cade’s mom had to go analog?

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  20. stoopnagle

    I appreciate the two good years Cade gave us. He’s a tough, mean player and will be a great addition at UT. I’m sorry he has to sit a year.

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  21. FlyingPeakDawg

    Playing for Pruitt feels “safer”?

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  22. Salty Dawg

    Screw that urnge turncoat. He and his family are seriously lacking in the morals department. I’m glad he was denied. He is not, IMO, a DGD and never will be.


  23. siskey

    I think that players should be allowed to transfer one time without sitting out a year even within the conference or division. But I can understand why Kirby opposed given the quality of player that Mays was for us the past few years.

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  24. David Basham

    This has nothing to do with our feckless AD, and, for the first time ever since I’ve visited this site, your giving him credit makes me realize you have no idea what you’re talking about.