Musical palate cleanser, a little romance edition

Hope you’re in the mood for a little Crowded House this morning.  This is a cover they performed often of a song by an Australian group, Hunters and Collectors, “Throw Your Arms Around Me”.  The lyrics are passionate, the harmonies are killer and the chorus always makes me swoon.


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6 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, a little romance edition

  1. Pearl Jam covered this song on a show they did in Australia back in 2000, I think with one or more of the members of the original band Hunters and Collectors. It’s such a great song.


  2. wilcodawg

    Thanks Senator for posting this – something lovely is always a great way to start a day. Could have sworn I saw Crowded House (or Neil Finn?) at the Georgia Theatre in ’92 or ’93, but I can find no evidence on-line of that…


  3. My favorite band, so thanks!

    Wilcodawg – your memory is correct. Ot was the Woodface tour, and Tim had recently left. I was there and got Neil, Paul, and Nick to sign my Temple of Low Men vinyl lp cover. Fantastic show in the perfect venue for them.

    I’ve heard Neil mention that Ga Theater show a couple of times because Michael Guthrie, who ran a music store inside The Junkman’s Daughter’s Brother store at the time, gave Neil a guitar that day. I think it was a Gretch but I could be wrong.

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  4. It’s still a little weird that Neil Finn is in Fleetwood Mac now.