Labor law, college football players and COVID

If you have a few minutes, spend them listening to this clip about the labor law environment college athletes find themselves operating within.

(h/t DawgStats)


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3 responses to “Labor law, college football players and COVID

  1. Gaskilldawg

    Very interesting. I am convinced that this year will lead to some change in the power dynamics between schools and players. I had not thought about the trade association angle. It is worth thinking about t


  2. poetdawg

    I also do labor and employment law and his analysis is similar to mine. I don’t know that trade associations are necessarily a good answer to the issue of player negotiation. I’ve represented employers in trade associations and they are still open to challenges under federal and state anti-trust laws. Unions are exempt from such laws.

    I can see a scenario where there is constant anti-trust litigation against the universities and the associations by athletes who disagree with the standard agreement terms or are otherwise unhappy, the Ball family and UCLA come to mind.

    Still, interesting stuff.