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Butthurt in Urnge

I gotta say as a full-throated supporter of a one-time free transfer waiver for college football players, this is fucking hilarious.

The Cade Mays’ NCAA appeals case is fascinating on several fronts, and it has certainly captivated the Georgia and Tennessee fan bases.

It’s not often a two-year starter in the prime of his career on the brink of multi-million dollar draft status asks to transfer out of a national championship contending program.

But that’s what happened with Mays, who is seeking immediate eligibility at a rival school in the SEC despite having his first appeal denied…

There’s nothing fascinating about a social media pissing match between rival fan bases, but I digress.

My mirth stems from this whole #FreeCadeMays garbage take by the UT fan base, like he’s some sort of political prisoner being held somewhere against his will.

I can’t wait for Bob Dylan to cover this.

And Griffith himself, who’s worked both side of this beat, deserves a nod of his own for adding just a dash of flavor to the pot stirring.

Tell us more about that sumbitch Kirby Smart, Mike.

There’s a tweet in the middle of what Griffith shared that says the irony here is that Mays is being denied eligibility in a year when there is no eligibility.  The real irony is all the angst Vol fans are generating for a kid who probably won’t play during a season that probably won’t be completed.

Wake me when it’s over.



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