Damn, Phil.

It’s a little hard to read (duh!), but that doesn’t stop the last line of Steele’s analysis of the Georgia-Alabama game from stinging:  “Dawgs have led or been tied with Bama 119 of 120 min in L/2 games but lost both.”



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    It stings for sure. May have cost UGA 2 National Titles.

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  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Saban won’t go down without a fight. Time for us to stop knocking on that door and bust through.


  3. S.A.W.B.

    If you wanna be the man, you gotta beat the man. Woo.


  4. nilbutronisapud

    Watched the Rose Bowl last night on SECN. Still convinced that most of the players didn’t realize we had won right away. Most heading back to line up for the extra point – focused on taking care the next play. AL game was that way, up until the very, very end…


    • munsonlarryfkajim

      i watched it last night too. I was also there in person. I have never noticed what you suggest about the end of the Rose Bowl. I just rewatched the last play to look for it and did not see it. I also watched a cell phone video of the last play that was taken in person at the game and also did not see it.


  5. Ozam

    “If you come at the King you best not miss.” Omar Little


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Just to rub a little salt, it was more than 120 minutes. Two overtimes dontcha know. GRRRR!!


  7. stoopnagle

    Damn, I had blocked that 119/120 factoid. Thanks, Phil.

    Otherwise, that little graphic is chock full of all kinds of goodness.

    Arkansas: “Dawgs have won 5 straight home openers.”

    Auburn: “UGA is 12-2 since 2006… 6-0 ATS at home…”

    Tennessee: “…avg MOV by 32 ppg…”

    Kentucky: “twelve of L/15 wins have come by double”

    Mizzou: “The visitor is 5-3 in series…” which I had to work to wrap by brain around. All 3 Ls belong to the Tigers.

    Miss St: “Won 11 of the last 12…”

    Cocks: “LTH UGA won 41-17…most lopsided win at SC… most points ever scored in Columbia…”

    Vandy: he didn’t bother to update it from last year.