Stats of hope, courtesy of Mr. Emerson ($$):

Another factor that Monken will probably be evaluating is which quarterback can help the team create more explosive plays. That’s an emphasis for Georgia after struggling in that category last year. And it’s always been an emphasis for Monken.

Mullens, in Monken’s last year at Southern Miss in 2015, was first in the nation in explosive plays. (He had 75 passes of 20-plus yards, tied with the quarterback at Western Kentucky, and had 36 passes of 30 yards or more, fifth most in the nation.)

Weeden, in his one year with Monken, was second in the nation in long passing plays (20 yards or more), with 63, behind only Houston’s Case Keenum.

Ooh, baby.

I know he said yesterday it’s an open competition, but Newman’s big arm has to be making Monken drool about the possibilities just a little.


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7 responses to “Boom!

  1. Got Cowdog

    I may not be at the drool stage about it yet, but I’m wagging a latent tail about it for sure …


  2. Castleberry

    I’m curious to see whether multiple QBs play. It seems like we’d want experienced options in case someone has to sit unexpectedly. I’m curious how the coaches will balance that against getting starters in sync. Also, not much cupcake opportunity to sort those things out…


  3. ASEF

    Explosiveness is going to mean some defensive stat suffering. it always does. It’s a total team adjustment, if we’re being honest.

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    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I think the premise is right – usually, the quicker you score, the more time your D has to be on the field, and that usually wears them down a little. But if there is a year that our D can withstand that, this looks to be it. I would be willing to see that theory tested. 🙂

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      • Down Island Way

        Is it scoring quickly or just the reality of 1 line backer that got lost with multiple motion by the “O”, 1 twenty yard pass over the lb’s helmet, 1 down field block and 1 db who slipped and fell at the fifty yard line (to save face)…don’t blame the UGA “OC” for 3-5 of those per game…..


  4. FlyingPeakDawg

    Throw. Da. Bombs.


  5. Hal Evans

    As long as 10-15 of those explosive plays are against UF