Nailing the interview

Here’s the Monken presser from yesterday:

There’s a guy who’s answered a whole lot of questions during his career and is no longer fazed by anything he gets tossed his way in his area of expertise.

Which makes me wonder again what his initial job interview with Smart was like, not just in terms of how he presented himself to his prospective employer, but also what he was told Smart was looking for.

Kirby Smart’s expectations …

“Scoring points and not turning it over. I know that’s really simple, but … when we spoke about his vision of the offense, it was certainly what every coach wants. It’s taking advantage of your personnel and the players that you can recruit here at the University of Georgia and doing a great job of utilizing those people and putting them in the best position to be successful. As coaches, we’re paid to maximize our players’ measurable skill sets. That’s probably first and foremost. The talent that we get here, finding a way every day to develop those players and then utilize their skill set to the best of their ability. Obviously the most important part is moving the football and scoring points, whether that’s running the football or throwing the ball. Be explosive and don’t turn the ball over. It’s a pretty simple game.

Left unsaid, but clearly implied, was knowing what the hell you’re doing.  Monken exudes that.  I’ve got a feeling that Smart was as impressed by that as I am.


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12 responses to “Nailing the interview

  1. dawgtired7

    I’m so looking forward to that knowledge/experience translating into an efficient offensive group of players with talent in the right places. The question is how long will it take for the team to look like Monken’s creation?
    Another question is, how well will Luke’s OL click with Monken’s overall design. Can the conference protect these kids and give us a safe season to enjoy? I hope these kids protect themselves, play by the COVID rules and quickly learn the Monken offense.


  2. timphd

    That was a good half hour of my time. This guy seems both confident in his guys and his own ability to teach.


  3. munsonlarryfkajim

    I saw all this dog porn posted yesterday about Monken’s interview. I then watched it on YouTube last night. I didn’t think it was anything special particularly after my expectations had been set so high. YMMV


  4. GruvenDawg

    For some reason I am excited and believe the coach speak coming out of Monken. Coley said some similar things but I was hopeful, yet skeptical when he said them. I think by the end of the year this offense could be firing on all cylinders. Beat UF and then use those last 4 games to get in a groove and gain some confidence headed into the SEC championship game.

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  5. FlyingPeakDawg

    We gonna throw bombs.


  6. DawgFlan

    He won me over when he was asked about 2011 OkSt – He brought up the Iowa St loss and how much it still pisses him off 10 years later. He hates to lose, which is often more of a driver then wanting to win.

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  7. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m hoping for a more aggressive and less passive offensive approach. If the opposing defense is loading the box, I hope we won’t be running headlong into it with our smallest RB. Monken’s past seems to be consistent with those hopes. Adding Luke and Faulkner were solid moves.

    Truthfully, my concern lies with Kirby. He’s terrific at seemingly every aspect of the HC job. But offense appears to be his weak point. Monken, Luke and Faulkner are proven and capable coaches. Kirby’s got to let them do their job.


  8. I also like about him that he seems content to run the offense, rather than his counterpart – who is great – but is also chomping at the bit to be the HC. I know he has bounced around a little bit, but Athens is a great place to settle for a while.


    • trbodawg

      Interesting – I don’t get that impression from Lanning at all, but maybe I’m not paying close enough attention. No snark – I wonder what he does that gives that impression. To me, he comes across as hungry and focused on building the best defense he can.

      I remember most of us complaining about none of Richt’s assistants getting hired away. Maybe this is the flip side of that. 🙂