You know, I think Georgia’s secondary is gonna be alright this season.


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  1. DawgStats

    Graham, the Chapel Bell Guys, and I are producing some video content.

    Graham went through some old Monken Offenses and made some observations.

    Watch what happened at 0:01 in @ChapelBellCurve’s broadcast: Chapel Bell Curve – live via


  2. dawgtired7

    Wow, that is an encouraging metric. The correlation between the two is interesting. Bama’s numbers seem a little weird though.


  3. akascuba

    Yesterday I made the mistake of watching an SEC network comparison between UGA and UF. Former Auburn coach Gene Cheese-It stated UF had better players at DB, WR, OB, TE and both sides of the line of scrimmage. I guess Kirby will just have to do the best he can with all those 4 and 5 star players. If I`m able to make a single game this year I hope its at Jacksonville.