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I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.

I’m not sure being coy about starting Feleipe Franks will work, but, hey, I guess stranger things have happened.



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Your Daily Gator ♥ Fox.

Check out the totally unbiased take from Corch:


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Send in the lawyers

I’m surprised this took as long as it did to happen.

Eight Nebraska football players filed a lawsuit against the Big Ten seeking a reversal of its decision to postpone the fall sports season and greater clarity as to how league leadership arrived at that conclusion.

The World-Herald obtained a copy of the 13-page complaint, which contends the league’s Aug. 11 action to postpone should be overturned because it didn’t follow established procedures in the decision-making process and was “unjustified” based on flawed and misapplied medical information. The suit is being filed in the District Court of Lancaster County…

The players’ attorney, Mike Flood, said the lawsuit “isn’t about money or damages, it’s about real-life relief.”

When they say it isn’t about the money…


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Absolutely hate it for him, after making it back once.  Hope he’s got it in him to try again.


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Bud Elliott’s preseason SEC Power Poll

I don’t crank out preseason power polls in the most normal of times, which 2020 is anything but.  If you’re jonesing to see one, though, here you go.

And go ahead — you know you want to say something about his “Florida might have the best gameday coach in the SEC” take.


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Larry Scott, living large

“You can’t pay college athletes,” you said.  “Where would the money come from?”

“If you pay kids in the revenue producing sports, you’ll have to cut non-revenue producing programs to make up for that,” you argued.  “That wouldn’t be fair to those kids, now, would it?  I mean, that’s the only place the schools and conferences could go to cover the expense, ri…”

The Pac-12’s offices are conveniently located in San Francisco and you really can’t put a price on convenience.  Just ask Larry.


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Ain’t played ‘Bama… yet.

Props to CFN for the best preseason troll of 2020 to date:

They didn’t have the guts to go all the way and call for the upset, though.  What a cop out.


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“So, we might be able to help out more donors.”

Damn, it looks like the media is screwing up Greg McGarity’s pandemic plans.

It appears the “opt-out” rate for Georgia football season tickets is going to be higher than expected.

As of Wednesday afternoon, more than 50 percent of the Bulldogs’ donors were opting to pass on some or all of the tickets for which they qualify, according to season-ticket holders who have interacted with Georgia’s ticket office in the past two days. Donors had until 5 p.m. Wednesday to inform UGA Athletics they were either going to opt in for tickets to Georgia’s four home games or opt-out and accept a refund or donate the balance to an incentivized COVID-19 fund.

UGA officials said they won’t be able to provide an exact number of tickets sold until all the orders are processed over the next few days.

You’d think with Governor Kemp’s bold leadership in these trying times, more folks would have confidence in attending football games.

Chip Towers has a lot to answer for reporting this information blasting fear porn to keep paying customers away from a completely safe venue.  Or something like that.


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“It’s a unique opportunity.”

ACC, Big 12 and SEC to recruits:  The Big Ten and Pac-12 ain’t playin’ ball, so take advantage of the situation and join us!

Also ACC, Big 12 and SEC to recruits:  Now wait just a fucking minute.


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