Ain’t played ‘Bama… yet.

Props to CFN for the best preseason troll of 2020 to date:

They didn’t have the guts to go all the way and call for the upset, though.  What a cop out.


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8 responses to “Ain’t played ‘Bama… yet.

  1. We could at least expect Bama – unlike Auburn – not to shat the bed against Central Florida, who adheres pretty closely to the [CURRENT 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. resident, name redacted] school of self-promotion.

    “We will win the National Championship, and we will make Florida, Florida State, and Miami pay for it.”

    Although in this case, the second clause is correct.


    • Ozam

      Really? Really? Do you feel better about introducing politics into this article. What is wrong with you?


      • Ozam-
        Better than I do thinking about the fact that the Auburn team that was the only team to beat Georgia in 2017 lost to Central Florida in a bowl game. Talking politics for me is mostly stemming behavior (my son is on the spectrum so we know all about it – I was like “I totally do that!”). It’s a way to handle an emotionally painful event by making everyone else feel less comfortable. Didn’t mean to offend.

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  2. Biggen

    Preseason polls just give the Finebaums of the world a reason to run their mouths. McElroy yesterday on SiriusXM said he has UF #3 in his preseason poll with Trask as a Heisman candidate. I nearly spit my coffee out at the stop light when I heard that ridiculousness come over my truck speakers.

    I can’t wait to send UF home with another L this season and see the heat on the Clown get turned up to maximum.


    • Down Island Way

      For your personal safety, please refrain from drinking, driving and listening to pure 100% crap while in your favorite mode of transportation…not saying i know more than those on the satellite airwaves, come on FU at # anything is going to prove a foolish comment…with two conferences not playing in this 2020 season (?), the preseason bull should to pared down to a top 15, then you’ll have some actual reporting….ha,ha,ha,ha,ha….


    • stoopnagle

      Talking Season


  3. FlyingPeakDawg

    Somewhere in Central Florida Danny White is smiling and ordering National Champion t-shirts.

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