“It’s a unique opportunity.”

ACC, Big 12 and SEC to recruits:  The Big Ten and Pac-12 ain’t playin’ ball, so take advantage of the situation and join us!

Also ACC, Big 12 and SEC to recruits:  Now wait just a fucking minute.


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5 responses to ““It’s a unique opportunity.”

  1. So not only are their best players for to sit out to get ready for the draft, the BIG-PAC is going to be trotting out a bunch of nubes to replace them? If the BIG-ACC-SEC pulls this season off, we all agree that we will mock the BIG-PAC for a long time, right? I realize that sword cuts two ways.


  2. bennydetroit

    What exactly would the long term effect on quality of play for the BIG-PAC be for the next couple years if this were to happen? You have not just noobs, but 17-18 year olds populating rosters on teams that in post season will be playing BIG-SEC-ACC teams with 21-22 year Seasoned vets. 4 years from now 20-21 year old 4 year starters, who perhaps started their first year, without S&C – and having played at something like 20-25 games in a single calendar year, if not this year, probably at some point to readjust to normal fall schedule. Talk about no treads on the tires, rode hard and put up wet…and that’s for those that don’t sustain catastrophic injuries along the way. Dumb dumb dumb. (Snark alert:) Thank Gawd the conferences will be looking out for these kids.