Red and black and woke

I’m genuinely curious what y’all think of this video the football program put out yesterday.


Admirable?  Cynical?  Stick to sports?  What?

Any of you feel strongly enough about it to walk away from Georgia football?

How would you feel if the team took a page out of the Kentucky football players’ book?


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46 responses to “Red and black and woke

  1. Proud of the players, though it’s obvious the program is trying to split the baby on this a bit. And I think that’s ok too. It’s a difficult time and a difficult situation. I do believe Kirby is sincere about listening, or at least I hope he is.

    The problems we face weren’t created overnight, they aren’t going to be fixed overnight either. The “stick to sports” and “shut up and dribble” crowd might want to find another hobby. This isn’t ending anytime soon. And that’s ok too.

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  2. KingMackeral

    Not unexpected at all. I have no feelings that would sway me into an emotion decision as it is a ~3 minute droplet in 4 months of continual barrage of social media, information / misinformation and political pandering.

    Going slightly off topic to your question below:

    I will say that the kids I do talk to on this subject (I am 54) are not generally aware of alternative points-of-view nor critical information / details they have not been exposed to. Those conversations have been fruitful and I have enjoyed them.

    Those conversation are fruitful because of respect of viewpoints as the basis. That is not seen in today’s climate (at all) or in social media (and yes, here on this blog as well).

    It’s nauseating to me that we have devolved into this apparent form of accepted rules of discourse nationally.


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  3. Biggen

    If you are a school that needs black athletes, then this is what you do. You take your lumps even if you don’t believe it because if you don’t, you are immediately ostracized by the your rivals.

    I’m with Brian Urlacher. That guy that was shot was a straight up thug, yet people in this country turn him into some 2nd coming of MLK Jr.

    You think China or Russia let their people do what we do? They know how to keep people in line. We need more backbone in this country.

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    • Derek

      You were with the tank, huh?

      How totally un-American of you.

      I, like the rest of humanity, was with the individual who wanted to be free.

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    • timphd

      Dude, The man may have been a thug, I don’t know. What I do know is that you don’t shoot a man in the back seven times while he is walking away. I can’t defend that and can’t see how anyone can. Use of deadly force is only justified when there is imminent risk of harm to another person.

      That said, I can’t imagine you really want the type of control to “keep people in line” that is exercised in China or Russia. Really, you make that comparison?

      I am a white man who has traditional conservative values, but there is no way I can turn a blind eye to the fact that black people are being killed far too often.

      As for UGA, I applaud Kirby, his coaches and his players for this video. And I am not cynical, I believe a lot of rational people, regardless of color, feel the same way and I am glad we are validating those emotions.

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    • You know who else was a thug? Dylan Roof. Somehow they showed the restraint to not shoot him in the back 7 times with children 3 feet away.

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      • Derek

        That distinction is what we have to combat. I don’t think its specific racial animus that leads to those disparities. I don’t think we have klansman with badges itching to shoot minorities, as a rule. They ARE out there.

        I think its hard wired implicit bias that they don’t even realize is there.

        The instinct with some types of suspects is to de-escalate.

        The instinct with others is self-preservation at all costs.

        How we breach that gap so that outcomes are no longer race determinative is the huge challenge we face. How do you fix brain wiring? You don’t.

        My suggestion is that we need to do the one thing the brits have done well. Have police with non-lethal weapons. Those police who have the most consistent contact with the public shouldn’t be armed with deadly weapons in holsters on their hips. A shot gun in a trunk? Why not?

        When situations call for it, call the swat team for when “neutralizing” the target becomes essential.

        I think we’d end most of these issues and form a bond between law abiding citizens in all communities and the police again rather than this attitude of police acting as if they’re Marines in the streets of Fallujah.

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        • Well, ultimately it’s a culture thing. Police aren’t warriors. They aren’t soldiers. They aren’t Spartans.

          They are public servants, government employees, subject to the same red tape and bureaucracy of any other government employee. If they don’t like the structures that society (who incidentally, is there fucking boss) places upon them, then the world needs plenty of bartenders.

          Again, I’m not an anarchist, and I’m not anti-cop. I’m pro-accountability for government, not only at the top, but for every single person entrusted with serving the public fairly and equally, regardless of what they look like, how they vote, where they live, etc.

          This is an argument about government responsibility and behavior. The same people who absolutely lose their shit about ATF, or the IRS, or any number of other government entities that could possibly interfere with their lives have absolutely no problem with police misconduct and unaccountability.

          It’s intellectually dishonest at best.

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          • Derek

            The only thing some people think government can do well is bomb countries full of poor, non-white people and decide who should be executed.

            Other than that, they don’t trust no damn gubmit!

            Its dumb, but its there.

            I agree. People in power should be held to a higher standard. That rarely happens.

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            • Well, there can be legitimate debates about the role and scope of government. I have no problem with that.

              I personally tend to believe that less government is not necessarily a bad thing. But regardless, that government—and by extension—its employees need to be accountable to the people they serve. They work for us.

              If we decide that we want a less roided, more nuanced, less warrior mentality police institution, then they can get onboard or seek other employment.

              I’m not wading further into this. I’d recommend everyone follow Patrick Skinner on Twitter, or at least look up some of the profiles of him.

              He’s a former special forces officer turned beat cop in Savannah, with an interesting perspective of what the job should entail as well as what needs to be reversed culturally.

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    • Grafton

      Remember when Russia and China were everything America stood against? Boy those were the days.

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  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    It’s a slightly admirable, slightly cynical, well judged move to allow players to express their genuine feelings on the subject. It’s no more cynical then numerous other things coaches do to manipulate players. Kirby Smart may still be learning in game decisions, but he’s shown a deft touch with people and I applaud him being proactive.

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  5. Derek

    Its good to know that some of you appreciate, respect and understand prostitution for tangible gain far more than the values of democracy, equality and freedom.


  6. Down Island Way

    Should an individual use their celebrity to further their individual agenda, more power to ya, when that platform is used at a venue where that individual has no ownership and dismissed, no way to defend your actions…what uk players (leaving the practice field) did is not the wise choice (take my ball and go home), to voice their issues in another venue, please do it as an individual or as an organized group….as for the group video from georgia…would have preferred they do it without the “G” being prominent with more student athletes involved…


  7. mddawg

    I tend to be pretty cynical in general, so I could see this as an attempt by the coaches to appeal to something that matters to the players and recruits right now. But I’m also hopeful that it will result in some real commitments from the coaches and the school in the form of community outreach, education on social issues, etc. If/when those things happen, then I’ll change my opinion to “admirable”.

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  8. Bulldawg Bill

    They had me until “no lives matter until black lives matter.”


  9. runlindsey

    What about that could make anybody want to walk away from the program? Even if the police shootings behind the “mostly peaceful” “protests” turn out to be wholly justified, what are the players and coaches saying in that video that a decent person would be against?

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  10. Yeah, I have to admit that I am somewhat torn over this. The issue is that BLM, in name, is NOT just a social movement. If it was, this would be completely fine, and I would applaud the coaches. That is not the case. Instead, BLM is an actual political organization, with an agenda, which you can donate money to. This is no different than if they had created a video supporting the NRA while speaking about support of the 2nd amendment. Just my 2 cents.

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    • mddawg

      I agree in that there needs to be a way to distinguish between “black lives matter” as a belief versus “Black Lives Matter” the organization.

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  11. TN Dawg

    I always love commercials like this.

    A dozen men, gathered as one, to spit out sound bite platitudes that say absolutely nothing.

    We’re gonna rise up. Stand up. Make the change. Have the conversation. Black lives matter. Systemic oppression. Make progress. Skin color. Cliche. Platitude. Virtue Signal. See how much I care statement.

    Retarded America at its finest.

    What would be somewhat useful is if someone could identify exactly which law, policy, and government edict actually promotes racism and what could be done to change the legislation.

    As is, it’s just a university trying to send out a woke tweet to suck up to more potential football recruits by showing the $6 million man in charge is down with the struggle.

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  12. Love it. Makes me proud of my alma mater.

    There are those who want to speak on something of which they will never have any first-hand experience (which seems to be most of America right now). Seems like as good a group as any to bend the ear of some of those who like to do the speaking and not much listening.

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  13. dawgphan34

    Curious when the senator is going to make a change and start tamping down on the clear racist and violent messages constantly posted to this message board. Racists know that they can tiptoe right up to the line of calling someone the n-word and our host will turn a blind eye.

    The constant slurs from people like biggen, TN Dawg, and Got Cowdog are a constant reminder of the work that needs to be done and it could start with not giving those people a pass, not allowing them a platform.

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  14. TN Dawg

    If the University of Georgia Athletic Department really wants to acknowledge America’s systemic racism and economic oppression, there are measures they could take to help remedy past wrongs.

    The Hartman Fund donations are a barrier to entry for season tickets that disproportionately affect the ability of low-income, and therefor POC, obtain season tickets for games.

    Additionally the higher donation levels get the good seats.

    I think UGA Athletic Department as an acknowledgment of America and Georgia shameful racist past should wave all Hartman Fund donations for POC and give them priority choice of what seats they want, regardless of dollar amount.

    Make the rich, white oppressors sit up in the upper levels and pay double the Hartman Fund donation as a means of reparation.

    Now that would be actually changing your policy to help the black man. Not just making some Twitter video. That’s doing nothing.

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  15. Honestly, that video didn’t feel “woke” to me. This seems like an excellent way to deal with the issue. Dr. King and the warriors of the civil rights movement didn’t win their battle against Jim Crow and segregation by screaming obscenities in people’s faces, breaking windows, burning buildings, and assaulting people on the street. They won because they were on the right side of the issue and convinced people with their words and their actions. Dr. King’s words appealed to people’s sense of decency and higher calling (yes, religiion and morality), and his actions mirrored his words.

    It seems to me like Kirby and his team are doing the same thing … good for them.

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  16. gurkhadawg

    Go to YouTube and search for the murder of officer Kyle Dinkheller. It happened here in Georgia. Try to forget Dinkheller’s last dying breaths. This video is used all over the world in training police officers. Think maybe it’s not a good idea to let a suspect reach into a car?

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  17. Wolfman

    Except, when those government policies are identified, there’s enough deflection and politicking to drown those areas in a sea of re-identification and diverted symbolism. The policies that promote racism are not so obvious as to be entitled “racist law #23”, which is why they’re easy to deflect.

    This video is symbolism itself, of course, both in its potential appeal to recruits and its message of unity to society in general. But I’m not convinced that if the team specifically called out those racist policies, people who disagreed at first would suddenly find it “useful”.

    The guys in this video won’t change or alter government structures. But they do show the individuals within their organization – and those that might potentially join – who’s side they’re on.

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