The question on everyone’s mind at Mississippi State

Who the hell got ahold of Mike Leach’s cellphone?


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9 responses to “The question on everyone’s mind at Mississippi State

  1. Some social media intern.


  2. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this: but I hope Lane goes ahead and ends Leach’s career.


  3. psyopdawg

    Mike Leach provided some football comic relief when he was on the other side of the country. All the eccentric antics and shenanigans were fun when it wasn’t our conference he was sullying. And Lane, while I think he has a solid offensive football mind, will not last long anywhere because of the drama that follows him.

    RIP Fellas


  4. MGW

    The gaffes keep coming closer and closer to costing him the rest of his career. He’s basically libertarian so I think he feels justified in just “contributing to a debate,” but he’s endorsed some pretty far right and/or factually incorrect conservative stuff via social media in the past. That can cost you the players in 2020. Someone may have finally gotten him to understand that.

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    • There’s also the whole “fat fucking girlfriends” thing. Dog cussing players and treating them like shit might have played as recently as 2008, but not anymore. Players talk. They can communicate with each other all over the country in real time now. Eventually, Leach isn’t going to be able to get anyone to play for him.

      I’ve said this before: he’s basically the passing version of Paul Johnson. His scheme has diminishing returns and he can’t out scheme the talent deficit that his assholeness creates.


  5. Previously Paul

    I think perhaps Leach hangs around longer than Lane. In the Deep South people are pretty tolerant of crazy. You know, the whole we dress it up and sit it on the front porch idea. Lane on the other hand is just a jerk. A smart jerk but a jerk none the less. I think Lane probably pisses off enough of the wrong people before Leach does. And now that Spurrier is gone Leach fills a void. None of the other coaches in the SEC are all that entertaining or quotable. We can use a guy like him.

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