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How’s your health?

Better get used to seeing game notes like this all season:

Neither team disclosed results of COVID-19 tests from Wednesday. The most notable absence from the game was Austin Peay wide receiver DeAngelo Wilson, a second-team AP All-American last season.

Think he might have made a difference last night?

Maybe I’m off base with this, but I have a strange feeling that depth is going to matter a whole lot more this season than missing spring practice.



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Another sign, preseason practice, yada, yada, yada…

Kirby is grumpy.

Overall impressions, we’re behind. I don’t know that I’ve ever come out of a first scrimmage and felt good. I’m happy we got to scrimmage, to be honest with you. Between the injuries, Covid going on with different teams and different programs, social injustice issues that we’re dealing with in our country, and our players are dealing with, and the thoughts of those things, I’m really proud and happy that we got to go out and scrimmage. But just looking at the scrimmage as a whole we have a long way to go. We look like a team that didn’t go through a spring practice. We look like a team that is young at a lot of positions. We’re really sloppy, to be honest with you. I guess the thing I was most proud of is that it was pretty hot and they pushed really hard. And we have been harping on mental toughness and practice effort, and we really haven’t had good practice effort, and then today I thought: You know what, these guys got tired, they pushed through, we conditioned at the end of practice and they really pushed through that. So that part made me proud. Our team stuck together and pushed. But the actual execution was poor.

Well, shit.  I guess the Gators are winning the East, after all.


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A sign you know preseason practice is already in full form…

… is when Kirby Smart refers to Matt Landers as “pretty consistent”.


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