Doin’ that Fabris thing again

Okay, maybe I’m crazy, but I’ve gone ahead and set up the 2020 edition of the Fabris pick ’em.  Email invites have been sent to those who have participated before; if you haven’t but want to now, click here to get in on the fun.

Obviously, this year isn’t going to be much like year’s past.  For example, the first pool only has nine games to pick, and that includes two on Thursday night.  None are games involving P5 teams, either.

Once the SEC season rolls around, things will start to look more normal, but in the meantime, you can sign up and play with what we’ve got.


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17 responses to “Doin’ that Fabris thing again

  1. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but it is not allowing me join. It says pool name does not exist. Any suggestions?


  2. Click on the link. I did not see an email.


  3. I got there but when I type in the pool name it says the name “The 2020 Fabris Invitational CFB Pool ” it say name does not exist.


  4. akascuba

    Link worked for me. I never have gotten the emails any year regarding the new pool. Thank you for restarting the pool. Its a great reminder why I should never bet.


  5. TripleB

    I got in, but what do you click to get to the first weeks picks. Thanks for doing this, it’s a lot of fun.