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First batch of SEC on CBS announced

CBS has selected games for the first two weeks of the SEC football season and four other games later in the fall. Given the unique circumstances of this season, the SEC requested that its television partners make advanced game selections where possible prior to the start of the season to assist the Conference and schools with planning and logistics. For any games not chosen before the start of the season, the normal 12- or six-day selection process will be used during the season.

Screenshot_2020-09-01 Selected SEC on CBS football games announced

No real surprises there, including the ‘Bama-Georgia game on prime time.

Leach’s introduction to the SEC (as a head coach, anyway) ought to be fun while it lasts.



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Connelly updates the preseason SP+ rankings.

Here’s the top ten teams which, at least for now, will be playing, along with some that won’t:

Screenshot_2020-09-01 College football preseason SP+ rankings Ohio State tops Alabama, Clemson

A few thoughts:

  • Man, if I were Ohio State, I would be seriously bummed at the prospect of a lost season.
  • After all of its personnel losses, LSU dropped from sixth to thirteenth.
  • Georgia’s defensive SP+ number is ridiculously dominant.
  • The two teams with the most upside, in my humble opinion, are Georgia and Oklahoma, both of which are studs on one side of the ball and considerably weaker on the other.



UPDATE:  Not really much change in strength of schedule rankings.


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The “D” word

I don’t know if y’all saw it yesterday, but The Athletic’s national writers made their CFP picks ($$).  Georgia made five of the seven lists (Andy Staples picked the Dawgs to win the natty, FWIW), but, for once, that wasn’t what I found most significant.

Of those seven, one, Bruce Feldman, made a comment about team depth, when he wrote about Clemson, “I think the gap between the Tigers and the rest of the ACC is large enough for them to overcome any unexpected strains on depth that could arise over the course of the season” and another, Max Olsen, talked about Alabama’s “program infrastructure”.

I don’t know if they’re assuming COVID is going to avoid the playoff contenders, or if all of them have sufficient depth to weather whatever storms may come their way (a strange assumption to make in the case of UCF, which one writer picked to make the playoff field), but it seems like a gap in analysis to ignore it, especially when I see that Feldman, in picking Florida to make the playoff field, bases his call in part on “(m)ost of the rest of the top teams in the SEC have had some level of turnover either at the coordinator level or in their quarterback room, which figures to be a much bigger concern than usual given how the pandemic affected the offseason.”

Maybe I’m missing something here, but it seems like roster management is going to be huge in 2020.  (Which is why I tend to agree with Olsen that ‘Bama is the most likely team to win it all.)


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“I have a lot of trust to build back.”

No shit, Sherlock.

I don’t care where you personally stand on BLM, if you’re an athletic director, doing an “all lives matter” take on anything these days is a galactically empty headed move.  Well played, genius.


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That wasn’t so hard now, was it?

In response to the lawsuit filed by eight Nebraska football players, the Big Ten finally came clean about the vote to shut down the 2020 season.

My big question is why the presidents and chancellors felt the need to be coy about an 11-3 vote.  There was no reason to hang Warren out to dry like that.  You can bet Delany wouldn’t have put up with that sort of bullshit for a second.


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For the want of a long snapper the punt was lost.

This Twitter thread is amazeballs.





I can only imagine what Vince Dooley might have said about facing off against a team on its fourth-string long snappah.  I don’t think even he could have spun that.


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Your Daily Gator partakes of some preseason happy talk.

There are levels here worth appreciating, friends.


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