All out of bubbles to give

Not great, Bob.

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I sure hope Kirby is hammering his guys with a strong, stay away message and they’re listening.  Otherwise, this could get ugly.



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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Now that we know our tests here in the US are far more sensitive and unreliable due to all the false positives that occur because of that than the tests in Europe where we are constantly told “they have it under control,” what does this actually mean?

    If that’s true and it seems as if it is, this seems to be a lot of nothing.

    Also, if you take 821 and divide it by the 30,000 (an approximate number of students, admins, workers, teachers, etc.) who are on campus, you come back with 2%.

    So even if the tests are good and not bad, that number provided in context isn’t nearly as bad as some would have you believe, because, you know, CASES!!! don’t really mean anything as the vast majority of those who are actually positive wouldn’t even know it without the positive test.

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  2. ciddawg

    gosh…. wonder whats going to happen?


  3. NotMyCrossToBear

    Well, shit.


  4. Illini84

    I know a young lady who lives in a dorm where there are many athletes and she feels as if, at least there, they are taking is seriously.

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  5. Don in Mar-a-Lago

    Good thing Kirby’s bubble membrane has depth. All he needs now is a pointer


    • One last warning: this post isn’t about data; it’s about policy. The next commenter who can’t grasp the difference will shut the thread down.

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      • My bad – didn’t mean to derail. Just trying to provide the data to back up any comments.

        Regarding policy, I can say from first-hand experience here on campus, I’ve not seen a single student not wearing a face covering in buildings. There’s are surprisingly few in-person classes available even. As you said Senator; let’s hope (selfishly) that our guys are staying clear outside of the classroom.


        • No problem.

          Just to make it clear to everyone — the issue isn’t whether the underlying statistical picture accurately reflects the danger to the community. All that matters is what SEC policy is, and that is, players who test positive ain’t practicing or playing.

          Eyes on the prize, peeps.

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          • Might benefit to add that disclaimer RE: comment topics to the post. I hadn’t read the previous comment above before I posted.

            Back on-topic; if only we (UGA) could just create a bubble for these guys…


      • tiredofidsearch

        Oops… sorry senator.


  6. Granthams Replacement

    The football team had some cases is June and it appears they learned their lesson. The idea that 18-22 year olds are not going to socialize in Athens is a pipe dream because Morehead tells them to practice covid precautions. The same preaching has not stopped DUIs, sexual assaults, or a host of other socializing related transgressions.

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  7. akascuba

    Amazing Sargent Schultz left out any reference to GT winning the COVID war. Or any useful context like did the number of tests taken stay the same week to week.
    My guess is any player caught doing dumb stuff will find their spare time filled with social distancing their way up and down the stairs at Sanford Stadium or some other fun time consuming activity.

    Yesterday in S.E. Florida i saw a sign saying don`t be a maskhole cover up or stay out.


  8. spur21

    Just curious – any info on what the university does with students who test positive? I guess there are different policies for – asymptomatic vs symptomatic. Also what is the policy for the athletes.


  9. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Maybe the team that wins it all this year will be the one with enough self-discipline to stay healthy.


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    Assuming the rate of positives is fairly low, that must be a heckuva lot of tests, 10,000+/-.

    No wonder our lovable and dependable Senators bought all the stock they could back in February (looking at you Senator Blutarsky!).

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  11. Russell Goldman

    Newman to opt out for the season.


  12. Well….
    Seth Emerson
    NEWS: Georgia QB Jamie Newman is opting out of the 2020 season, sources confirm to me and @BruceFeldmanCFB


    • 123fakest

      This is sooooo 2020.

      Is there enough tape on the guy? He only started one year, and the year before he lost the job to a true freshman.


  13. morespinners

    Ceasar, I came, I saw, I crossed the Oconee…I tested positve.
    I told you to cut class, and let’s go to happy hour.