“It was as exclusive as it gets.”

Speaking of Dawgnation, in case it wasn’t already clear, Mike Griffith is very, very unhappy about Justin Fields attending a Georgia scrimmage, especially because of the poor Magill Society donor who wasn’t allowed to be there and suffered “confusion and hurt feelings” as a consequence.

One can only hope — at least if one is Griffith — that Kirby will embrace this as a learning experience and bend over backwards in the future to accommodate boosters, something the program has been notoriously lacking in doing since he got here.  In the meantime, he’ll have to live with this mark of shame:

Last Saturday’s scrimmage, however, will be remembered more for who was watching from within Sanford Stadium than who was on the field playing.

That’s certainly true for Griffith.



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  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Tell that hilljack to go back to Rocky top.


  2. timphd



  3. spur21

    We should send him some cheese.

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  4. I thought Fields didn’t feel safe at UGA. What am I missing?


  5. hialtdawg

    I’m soooooooo glad Griffith is here to serve as the “Guardian of the Dawghhouse” and lecture all of us nobody fans on everything our program does wrong. We’ll surely get the Land of Promise with him on the beat exposing everything that’s wrong in Athens.

    Normally I’d type:

    Even more pitiful, about once a month Booker Logan and the other dorks on 690 the Ump’s morning show in Athens thank Griffith for his service. Newsflash: there are a LOT of veterans that love the Dawgs and everyone of them see one line of his click bait drivel and know he was that turd in the command you hated (other than me, of course).

    But I won’t because that wouldn’t be sticking to Football.

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  6. Ran A

    And he couldn’t be more wrong. If Kirby tells him no; then he comes across as petty. It was one slot – it’s nice like Fields brought the OSU backfield with him.


  7. Ran A

    Personally, I thought it was a class thing to do.

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  8. hialtdawg

    In all seriousness, I don’t get all the static around this. Nobody here saw Fields’ transfer request, if he even had one. If UGA was onboard letting him leave did he even need to apply for a waiver? The thought he played the race card to manipulate things is really an urban legend a bunch of dumbass fans believe. Fact of the matter is Fields got got racially slurred while playing for us, based on the histrionics we see on this board – he’s actually handled it well. You don’t see him taking to the media dragging Georgia. Hell, he WANTED to come back. Why wouldn’t Kirby or UGA offer him an olive branch and let him back so he can see that any perception of Fields being treated badly was an exception not the rule? We just took Devan Branch back. Kirby played the game and knows how to navigate the ups and downs of spending four years with a program and like Richt before him, generally lets players come and go (with the exception of some family trying to monetize a lawsuit). Why roll with a dude not all in? What does it hurt to let a guy well liked by teammates and coaches sit in the stands for a scrimmage?


    • What does it hurt to let a guy well liked by teammates and coaches sit in the stands for a scrimmage?

      It’s a pretty safe bet that Fields has a closer relationship with some of the players on the team than does Griffith’s bummed out booster.

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    • GruvenDawg

      I think the long term optics of him being welcomed back to watch a scrimmage is good. Kills the bullsh*t on the trail that Kirby ran him off and you won’t feel safe at UGA, etc, etc. That’s the type of negative recruiting thrown out by Pruitt, Orgeron and others. Also IF he is successful in the NFL he probably won’t drag UGA’s name through the mud which could impact the next generation of players thinking about UGA.

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  9. classiccitycanine

    I’m so glad we have Mike Griffith to tell us morons what to think about Georgia football.

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    • hialtdawg

      Over/Under most garbage he and a couple others print is viewed through the prism that Seth Emerson got the book deal with Kirby and they didn’t…

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      • classiccitycanine

        Even before Seth got a book deal, I figured all one needed to know is that Seth got recruited to the Athletic and the rest didn’t.


  10. PTC DAWG

    Kirby playing 3D chess…

    Saw the article yesterday, what a petty piece of “journalism”


  11. Who will be the first to ask Kirby about it in a presser?


  12. waltergeiger

    what became of sasser?


  13. Austen Bannan

    Kirby has figured out that only positive relations matters, not his feelings. He’s gotten players like DRob to transfer to UGA by keeping positive relations/open arms. Pays off a lot over time while the petty people play second fiddle in life.

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  14. 123fakest

    I’m waiting on Connor Riley’s opinion before I make mine.

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  15. Does have Georgia have any single big-time boosters who are able to exert a Bobby Lauder-type influence on the program (or at least, like he did before the credit default swap almost ruined him)? I know that is an extreme example, but you just rarely ever hear Georgia “boosters” mentioned by name. Does Georgia have some kind of code of omerta regarding it’s BSDs?


  16. stoopnagle

    On page 150 of Seth’s book: “[Kirby] played the long game and he didn’t hold grudges.”


  17. CB

    Kid has no business being there imo. There’s about a zero percent chance of him coming back to Athens given that he’s a near surefire top 5 pick next draft, and he’s not a paying customer. What good comes from allowing him in and what bad comes from barring him? I’m coming up with zero.


  18. I knew this drama would stir up and I personally wish that fields had not attended practice just for that. However there wasn’t much Kirby could do. For the optics , saying yeah you can watch practice was the best decision.

    I think what’s missed with the journalist is fields is from Georgia , he wanted to go to Georgia, he attended Georgia, he has lots of friends at Georgia, so it’s not surprising he still has a place in his heart for Georgia. If not for all things 2020 he would not have been there in the 1st place. This is an unprecedented and strange fall.