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Trump and the Big Ten: respecting the grift

You know, I was going to keep my post simple on the POTUS’ conversation yesterday with Commissioner Warren, something like the hopes, the reality and the mockery, but my plans changed when I came across what is the greatest header on a 2020 sports story I’ll ever read:

Clay Travis Plays Role Setting Up Trump, Warren

Words truly fail me.  It’s a perfect confluence of events, and the details, which are lovingly laid out in the post, are as cringeworthy as you might expect, topped by this nugget:

It was last week that Joe Biden started running commercials in Big Ten markets that blamed Trump’s federal response to the pandemic as the main reason why the conference was not playing. That prompted frustrated White House aides to start talking about how Trump could play a role in getting the Big Ten’s teams back on the field to salvage a season and mute Biden’s attack. Travis, a vocal critic of the Big Ten’s decision, was part of those meetings.

The best thing is, it really doesn’t matter to those two what the Big Ten does.  If the conference does move up the start date at all, it’s a win for Trump, but if it doesn’t, he can just bitch about it, something he does well.  As for Travis, well, he’s got more credit with the rubes than ever, just from being able to say he influenced the President.

You can’t make this shit up.  You really can’t.


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Not the event you were expecting

If you had this moment in the pool as the next time you’d see the team in black jerseys…

… go collect your winnings.


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